What is Natural Immunity? What You Should Know

What is Natural Immunity? What You Should Know
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What is natural immunity? Your body’s natural immunity is the ability to prevent you from becoming sick when you are exposed (or infected) by an infectious agent (“germ”) like a virus, bacterium, parasite, or fungus. Natural immunity is complex and involves many moving parts. The body has a wide range of cells that can fight germ invasion. These proteins can release antibodies, which are special proteins that your bloodstream absorbs. These cells are capable of producing antibodies and can remember a germ’s presence so that they can stop it from returning. What is natural immunity? Natural immunity refers to the immune system that your body builds up against germs after you have been infected. Natural immunity is dependent on the individual and the germ. People who have been exposed to measles in the past are unlikely to be afflicted again. However, this is not true for all diseases. An illness that is mild may not lead to strong natural immunity. Recent studies have shown that coronavirus natural immunity wanes over time and is faster than the natural immunity given by vaccination. Your body’s immune system protects you against illness and infections. It creates antibodies, which are proteins that kill germs like bacteria and viruses. Your immune system creates an antibody to protect you from a particular disease. After you are infected with a germ, natural immunity occurs. Your immune system makes antibodies against it. You could get sick from the infection. However, if the infection occurs in the future, your body will detect it and produce antibodies to fight it off. This will make it less likely that you get infected again. What is the average length of natural immunity? Natural immunity can decrease over time. The disease determines how quickly or slow this happens. If someone is infected with COVID-19, their natural immunity could fade within 3 months. A child who has measles will not get it again. Thank you for your attention and please subscribe. Check the descriptions for the links.

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