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Hello everybody! Hoplon Studio here from Brazil and we’re excited to announce that Heavy Metal Machines is out on PS4 (and playable on PS5) on February 23rd.

Heavy Metal Machines is a unique free multiplayer vehicle combat game in which players take part in intense 4v4 battles and control deadly vehicles in post-apocalyptic arenas. I am pretty sure you will love it.

Heavy Metal Machine’s combination of unique vehicles, fast-paced battles and post-apocalyptic sports arenas brings you to a whole new gaming experience in which two teams of four players each fight to pick up a bomb and bring it to the enemy base. Deliver the bomb three times to be the winner.

Assign your best skills to a role

Ranging from a monster truck, a heavily armored tank, a motorcycle with a blade thrown to a magnetic tow truck, each of the many vehicles has different weapons and play styles that offer a variety of strategic options to each game.

Play as an interceptor to hunt down and destroy enemies, as a support to protect your allies, or as a transporter to take the bomb and deliver it to the enemy base.

Become a metal gladiator

You can casually play Heavy Metal Machines or, if you want to spice things up, step into ranked mode and strive to become god-like. You can also assemble your team and take them to the Colosseum, an in-game tournament, to compete for prizes and prestige.

Golden tips for new players

  • Try different machines (vehicles), each with very different mechanics and weapons, and find your favorites.
  • Use the training mode to learn about a new machine or to learn and hone your skills with your favorite machines.
  • Every vehicle has a role (interceptor, support and transporter). Play according to the role of your vehicle:
  • Be wise in selecting vehicles before each game so that you have a balanced team with all three roles.
  • Play for the team, taking into account the roles of each team member.
  • Communicate with your team at any time via quick or voice chat.
  • Any vehicle can carry the bomb, but vans are best for the job.
  • Be very careful with the droppers, areas in the arena where you can lose possession of the bomb and enemy players can easily catch it.
  • When you’re low on health, escape the fight and look for a repair fee or an ally.

Constantly new content

Heavy Metal Machines are constantly being added with new content, including new vehicles, arenas, battle passes (also known as metal passes), and seasonal events. The game is free and not paid. Rest assured that there is no way to purchase in-game items that will give the vehicles gaming advantages.

A new Battle Pass (Metal Pass) season is released every two and a half months, bringing many new items to unlock and missions to complete.

Special gift for PlayStation player

As an early PlayStation player, download the game now and enjoy a free Battle Pass package, a special gift only available until March 8th that includes the Season Battle Pass, 3 characters and lots of cosmetics. See you in the arenas.



Robert Dunfee