Twitch Gaming replaced Metallica’s BlizzCon performance with royalty-free plinky-plonk twinkling


If you’ve seen BlizzCon 2021 this year on the Blizzard website, YouTube, or even Twitch’s main channel, you’ve heard Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls play. (The band performed at BlizzCon back in 2014, back when it was an event that took place in the real world.) However, if you were watching on the Twitch Gaming channel, you only heard the song opening. before it was replaced with a royalty-free magical forest that ripples and plumbs instrumental tracks, presumably to avoid copyright infringement.

Twitch has a history when it comes to DMCA shutdowns. In a way, they are following their own advice to streamers: avoid recorded music that you do not have rights to. And the advice from Blizzard itself, whose guidelines for streamers who wanted to re-broadcast the event to watch with their community, were: “Be aware that some segments contain copyrighted music, and we recommend these parts of the show not to stream. “” It’s still a ridiculous situation, of course.

Some on Twitch chat seemed to prefer the new music, with comments like “This is my jam” and “METALLICA TRAP REMIX,” although some viewers simply paid their respects by typing “F”.

The fact that this happened to Metallica, the band that brought Napster to court in 2000 and ushered in the age of zealous copyright protection that ruined their own achievement, has a palatable irony.

The video has since been deleted from Twitch Gaming’s channel, although viewers have of course saved clips for posterity.



Robert Dunfee