Top Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee – Based On Science

Top Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee – Based On Science
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What are the top health benefits from drinking coffee? Good news: Coffee is proving to be a strong choice. Numerous studies have shown that coffee may be more beneficial than you think. Coffee contains many substances that can help protect against heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease. When you think of coffee, the first thing you think of is caffeine. According to nutrition experts at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, coffee contains antioxidants and other active ingredients that can reduce inflammation and protect against diseases. You get more than an energy boost from your brew. These are some of the best ways that coffee can positively affect your health. You might live longer. Recent research has shown that coffee drinkers are less likely than others to die from the most common causes of death for women, including stroke, coronary heart disease and diabetes. Your body might be able to process glucose (or sugars) more efficiently. This is the theory behind studies showing that those who drink more coffee are less likely get type 2 diabetes. Heart failure is less likely in people with lower risk factors. One to two cups of coffee per day can help prevent heart failure. This is when the heart fails to pump enough blood. It is less likely that you will develop Parkinson’s disease. Not only is there a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s, but caffeine may also be helpful for those suffering from the condition to better control their movements. Your liver will be grateful. Regular and decaf coffee appear to have the same protective effect on your liver. Researchers have shown that people who drink coffee are more likely than those who don’t to have healthy levels of liver enzymes. Your DNA will be more powerful. Dark roast coffee reduces DNA breakage, which can occur naturally and can lead to cancer or other tumors if they are not repaired by your cells. Your chances of developing colon cancer will decrease. One in 23 women develop colon cancer. Researchers found that regular and decaf coffee drinkers were 26 percent less likely than others to develop colorectal carcinoma. Your risk of developing Alzheimer’s may be reduced if you do. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans with Alzheimer’s are women. The two cups of coffee a day may offer some protection from the disease. Researchers found that dementia risk was lower in women 65 years and older who consumed two to three cups of coffee per day. A stroke is less likely for coffee consumers. Women who drink at least one cup per day of coffee are less likely to die from stroke, which is the fourth leading cause. Thanks for watching and please subscribe. Please check the links in the description.

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