This ridiculous Valheim seed places every boss a short jog from the starting point


I love the Valheimer world I played in, but the procedural generation wasn’t particularly generous. I had played 51 hours in my world – 51 hours! – before I found Valheim’s dealer Haldor for the first time, so that I could finally buy a fishing rod.

In my world, the second boss, The Elder, is a good distance off the sea on a new continent in the northwest, while the third boss, Bonemass, is on another island in the southeast, in the opposite direction. I have no idea where the fourth and fifth bosses are yet, but I’m assuming they are the least suitable places to reach them.

Not that that’s a bad thing! It has resulted in countless explorations, multiple base constructions and many exciting sailing expeditions, and that is exactly what Valheim is all about. But someone has found a seed where every boss and biome is just a stone’s throw from the map’s starting point. It’s kind of mind blowing:

(Photo credit: Iron Gate Studios)

Over on Reddit, InfernoFPS released the seed for this Valheim world where all five bosses and biomes are a relatively easy distance from the original spawn point. As you can see above, there are four bosses and the dealer on the starter continent, which contains the biomes meadows, black forest, swamp and mountains. You don’t even have to think about sailing until you’re ready for the fifth boss, who is on a second island across a narrow street. I don’t even need a longboat to get there! A simple raft will do.

That’s a pretty amazing quirk of the world generation system. Would this extremely practical card be a fun game in Valheim? I’m not sure – half the fun is exploring the world and taking risky trips across the ocean. Would it be a great world for Valheim Speedrunner? Certainly. If there are Valheim speed runners, then.

The world seed is HHcLC5acQt. Wave to Bonemass for me.



Robert Dunfee