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These Manuals Show You How To Build IKEA Furniture Using LEGO


If you’re having trouble putting your IKEA furniture together, you may want to practice with something smaller first. Much smaller, like LEGO.

IKEA Australia has published three assembly guides that teach customers how to make furniture from LEGO bricks. The collaboration between the two companies includes miniature versions of the KLIPPAN sofa, the MALM bed and the GRONLID armchair. Each set is fun and easy to build. So you’ll forget that you were ever stressed out about your unfinished, life-size IKEA furniture.

The parts can then be displayed for all to see on the lids of the BYGGLEK storage boxes from IKEA. BYGGLEK, also a collaboration between IKEA and LEGO that was launched in October 2020, are customizable boxes in which children learn how to use their toys in a tidier way. They are simple and streamlined enough to be displayed in common spaces. Together, the collections can help children become more responsible and adults can help become more imaginative and playful.

“With the firm belief that play makes both the home and the world a better place, IKEA of Sweden AB and the LEGO Group are committed to removing obstacles to daily life while making it practical, yet playful To create an experience that children and adults can enjoy together, ”says IKEA.

You can download the instruction manuals for each of the KLIPPAN, MALM and GRONLID parts here.



Robert Dunfee