There’s a Skyrim board game coming, of course


Today in news I was expecting a few years ago there is a crowdfunding campaign for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – The Boardgame. Imagine! There are basically no details at the moment. However, you can log into the game’s funding page to be kept informed of new developments. It is billed as “an epic cooperative board game of the adventure about Skyrim for 1-4 players”.

The game will be available as a preview on the tabletop simulator sometime before crowdfunding. If you’re unfamiliar with board game lingo, an adventure board game usually focuses on moving characters from point to point on a map to accomplish goals. Things like fights or quests are usually done with a die or two, and equipment or money is your reward. The players collect points and the person with the most points wins. Expect it to be a bit of a recap of an entire Skyrim playthrough rather than the details.

This most predictable adaptation of board games will be funded in the near future through Gamefound and is part of the ongoing partnership between Bethesda and board game and RPG publisher Modiphius. Modiphius previously made miniature games The Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, and they are slated to release tabletop RPGs based on Fallout and Dishonored.

We’ll keep an eye on that and let you know if more happens.


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Robert Dunfee