The Medium clock puzzle: How to search the hidden room


If you’re not dealing with the medium’s clock puzzle, you’re not the only one. For one thing, I’m there; I’ve struggled with this particular head scratch longer than I’d like to admit. But I got there in the end, so I’m also here to help if you are trying to search the hidden room in The Medium.

Shortly after you meet the hair-raising little girl named Sadness on the second floor (in the nightmarish spirit world), your next goal is to investigate Thomas’s office. As you may have found in The Medium’s tie clip mini-puzzle early in the game, the solution can be a little unclear.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to access the secret room connected to Thomas’ office in The Medium and help you find the key to the time jump grandfather clock, the right times to visit, and the hidden switch to find.

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The medium: Thomas’ office and how to get the clock key

Start the puzzle by going behind the desk in the middle of the room. When you press X (Bloober Team recommends playing on a controller) to take a closer look at the devastated work area, look down on the floor: you’ll find a flashlight and small key here.

Use the key you bought to approach the large grandfather clock on the wall furthest away from you next to some battered bookshelves. Look up and to the left of the watch face to use the key and access the watch’s mysterious powers.

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The medium searches the hidden space

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the middle clock puzzle - mind good

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The Middle Clock Puzzle: How to Search the Hidden Room

Pressing X again to interact with the clock will split your screen: one with the clock face to the left and the other facing the office in the spirit world. At this point, it is the most distant time you can get (ten o’clock). All you can do is use the left joystick to move the time back from here and you will find that Thomas’ office in the spirit world changes when you do. In other words, the pustular rash is replaced with coarse skin. Ew.

At certain points when you rewind time, an ethereal form of Thomas appears – a kind of spiritual snapshot. Every time you see a new form, press B to exit the clock screen and interact with Thomas for new information. The times of each form of spectral Thomas are as follows:

  • 9:30: Thomas is standing over his desk.
  • 8:45: Thomas looks out the window with one hand over his mouth.
  • 7:15: Thomas walks away from the secret room.
  • 4:50: Thomas reaches for the entrance to the hidden room.
  • 4:00: Thomas stands behind his desk. A spirit well appears.

Once you are four o’clock you can’t leave earlier. However, you will find that as you scrub through time, a door is revealed in the far corner – this is the secret room. Here are the times when this happens:

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the middle thomas office

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The medium searches the hidden space

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To continue you have to scroll to the earliest possible point, go back with B and approach the desk with a blossoming spirit and record it as the spirit world Marianne (A). Next, go back to one of the times the secret door is open. Only ghost Marianne can enter this room, so you need to initiate an out-of-body experience (hold B) to get inside. Just make sure you don’t spend too long in this shape as it can kill you if you don’t get back to your body in time.

There is a fuse box in the room on the opposite wall, just like the one you need to turn on the lift when you start the game. Unleash the previously collected mental energy (hold the right trigger) and you will see sparks run along the wall to the entrance of the hidden room. Then leave your fuel form.

Back in the real world, the entrance to the hidden room you walked through in the spirit world is blocked by a wooden unit full of photo frames and trinkets. There’s no prompt for it, but you need to check it out and Use Marianne’s Insight ability (press and hold the left bumper) to see the outline of a hidden switch. Press both Xs that appear near the now revealed switch and the secret room will be fully revealed.

And there you have it, you have solved the medium’s clock puzzle and accessed Thomas’ secret room. However, the question remains: are you prepared for what you will find in it?



Robert Dunfee