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The year was 2005. The game was Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. The console? Not the PlayStation 2 … whoops. 15 years later, Aspry wants to do things as well as possible: revive the classic on PlayStation 4 and 5. Better late than never, right?

For the authentic Stubbs experience of 2005, we brought the game back to the way it was back then. Same gameplay, same graphics, same user interface. Okay, we’ve also added modern resolution support, improved controls and keyboard shortcuts on modern controllers, and nifty new trophies. But other than that, it’s the same!

Since Stubbs, the zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse, is new to PlayStation, we made a decision to give you a glimpse into the game.


It’s 1959 and the town of Punchbowl, PA is a beacon of progress and ideal life. The perfect combination of classic 50s style and futuristic technology. A bit like what we’re doing here with an old school game on ultra-modern consoles.

Stubbs the zombie

As a stubbs you will devastate the idyllic and retro-futuristic town of Punchbowl.

Brain, muscles and good looks

The trick to a hostile takeover of a town like Punchbowl? Take your enemies out for a bite and add them to your zombie horde. The more the scary!

In your quest to reunite with the love of your life, explore some of Punchbowl’s most impressive locations. Each stand-alone location offers new mechanics, challenges, and (of course) new punchbowl citizens to gnaw at. Have you ever wondered if a mad farm laborer’s brain tastes different than that of a jetpack barbershop quartet wielding a raypack? Now is your chance to find out!

Stubbs the zombie

Eat brains and add ignorant punchbowl citizens to your loyal horde.

In Stubbs the Zombie, being a zombie means more than just eating brains, building a horde and terrorizing a city. It’s all that plus unholy gas, bowel grenades, and ejector heads. Here you will find information on all of Stubbs’ special abilities:

  • Unholy bloating: The enemies you met with unholy gas may not match, but I think it’s a gas. You will smell like roses while you knock down your enemies.
  • Gut Grenades: Always trust your stomach, especially if you can use it as a grenade. All you have to do is look inside yourself, rip your guts out, and throw them at the closest group of opponents.
  • Sputum head: No leader of a Ragtag zombie hoard would be complete without a good head on your shoulders. Of course, it’s just as useful as a weapon.

Stubbs the zombie

Throw over enemies with the Sputum Head special attack.

Idle hands are a zombie’s toy

We know, we know that waiting a month to get your hands on Stubbs after waiting patiently for 15 years is going to be tough. If you’re hungry for more Stubbs the Zombie while you wait, follow @aspyrmedia on Twitter for the latest on Stubbs.



Robert Dunfee