Snoop Dogg ragequit 15 minutes into livestreaming Madden on Twitch


What I don’t know about American football could fill a book, but I do know that Snoop Dogg’s 1993 album Doggystyle is a stone cold classic and that he killed it when I saw the man live in 2014. So when he broadcasts Madden NFL 2020 live on Twitch, I’m more there for the man than the game, and have no idea what’s up with the special touchdown he swears a couple of times about 14 minutes after his last stream and got angry.

The title of the stream, “Sit back, relax and unwind, there’s a mood here” seemed quite inappropriate at that moment, but then became appropriate again over the next seven hours as Snoop’s channel found his empty chair and the music he played sent played somewhere nearby.

And people loved it. While most of Snoop’s streams get a few thousand views, this video is currently 103,900. About seven and a half hours later, Snoop walks across the room in a hoodie, realizes what he’s done, and ends the stream. But those hours when the words NO SIGNAL were broadcast while various soul and funk classics from James Brown to Roberta Flack appeared? It really was a mood here.



Robert Dunfee