Sec. Buttigieg Says Racism “Physically Built Into” Highways


OPINION | This article contains political comments that reflect the author’s opinion.

I said earlier that radical progressives can find a way to label just about anything as racist. The newest thing is streets.

I am not joking. The highways are now racist.

In an interview, Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg said:

“Racism is physically built into some of our highways, and so the employment plan is specifically committed to reconnecting some of the communities that have been divided by those dollars.”

All of this is part of the hyped $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure plan, which is actually just a package of spending for democratic donor unions and various government agencies. In fact, less than 6% of the $ 2.3 trillion goes to roads and bridges. The rest are really just democratic pet projects like climate change initiatives.

So if it’s the highways that are racist then why is only 6% of the money going to the racist highways? Why does the rest go to things that disproportionately negatively affect minority communities, like electric vehicles?

And if you really want to help people of color in troubled big cities, maybe you could start by listening to the 81% of black Americans who don’t want to let the police down in their crime-ridden communities.

But it’s not really about improving the lives of minority Americans. If Democrats actually did things to improve their lives, minority Americans could realize they don’t need Democratic politicians, and Democratic politicians cannot allow it to happen. Instead, they pretend they’re dealing with something racist and then keep funding their own pet projects that don’t make a significant difference.


Robert Dunfee