Razer’s new smart glasses come with built-in speakers but no RGB


It seems Razer is taking its new lifestyle branding very seriously. Fresh off the back of its Project Hazel face mask, the company has announced its first pair of glasses: Razer Anzu.

Razer Anzu comes in two different styles, offering either blue light protection for indoors or UVA / UVB protection for outdoors in surprisingly tame glasses for a company known for adding RGB to everything. But wait, there’s more. That would be the onboard speakers with touch controls, which are integrated directly into the technical data.

The open-ear audio design is powered by an omnidirectional microphone and 16mm drivers built right into the frame. According to Razer, they are “barely noticeable” at the otherwise more common face price. If they look like the open-ear speakers in the Valve Index, we’re very interested in this idea. If not, we just have to find out, don’t we?

Extensive benchmarking is clearly required.

This audio function is controlled via touch controls on the outer frame of the glasses, which allow playing, pausing, skipping and activating the smartphone assistant function. All of this is connected to your device via bluetooth.

There’s also an “Enable Game Mode” option, which is either a game-specific EQ (which can also be controlled via an Android and iOS app) or a mode that code-style the world represents before your eyes.

According to Razer, it should take up to five hours with the internal battery. After that, you need to charge it using the supplied USB cable.

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Razer Anzu glasses lifestyle shots

However, Razer cannot promise that you will always have flawless hair and light while wearing the glasses. (Image credit: Razer)Image 2 of 3

Razer Anzu glasses lifestyle shots

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Razer Anzu glasses lifestyle shots

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The lenses are interchangeable for indoor and outdoor use, and the Anzu is splash-proof up to IPX4. You won’t want them drenched in the rain, however.

Note: No RGB lighting this time. Razer found a way to put LEDs on a face mask, but those smart glasses? No, that is a step too far.

I couldn’t agree more either.

The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses can be yours starting today for USD 200 (£ 200, EUR 210). So they’re not cheap, but sunglasses are hardly cheap.



Robert Dunfee