Rainbow Six Siege Road to Six Invitational Starts is Underway


The Road to Six Invitational has begun, both the metaphorical run-up to the largest competition Rainbow Six Siege Event of the year and the literal in-game event that you see right now on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One can play. The Road to SI The event runs Thursday to Monday (beginning last weekend) and lasts until February 22nd. It includes a revamped version of the stadium map where players can put their skills to the test and try out each operator on the siege list. With all Operators unlocked for all players during the Road to SI event, this is the perfect time to start Siege and take advantage of some new gadgets for a round.

As you play, you will also progress and earn rewards from doing so Road to the SI Battle Pass. As you progress through the 100 levels, up to 135 rewards are unlocked, including headgear, uniforms, and gun skins. The free title is available to all players while the premium title can be purchased with the full rewards list using R6 credit. A portion of the revenue from the Battle Pass goes into the Six Invitational prize pool to support the teams competing at the highest level.

The Six Invitational tournament starts on February 9th and this year’s event will bring together 20 teams in a LAN environment in Paris, France. From highly competitive games to information on upcoming content and features for Rainbow Six Siege, the Six Invitational is a must-see for the Siege calendar year. For more information on events and security logs, see the Six Invitational 2021 Event Guide. Make sure to check out Twitch and YouTube in a couple of weeks to see how it all plays out!

And now have fun playing as any operator on the way to SI. And who knows? Maybe this is the weekend when you discover your new favorite.

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