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Pressure Points for Headaches: Tension, Sinus, and More


Pressure Points for Headaches: Tension, sinuses, and other pressure points for headache relief – the most obvious being temples. Having a headache is no fun. If you have one, all you can think about is getting rid of it. Most people will either endure it and hope the pain goes away, or they will take some pills that promise to ease the pain. However, some people find that using pressure points to relieve headaches is a much better option for relieving the pain. There are pressure points all over the body, each of which can help relieve various ailments. Luckily, some of these pressure points can treat your headache. Some of the pressure points are pretty obvious, while some of them will end up surprising you. But where they are is less important than the fact that they work. To be honest, not all headaches go away immediately when you apply these points, but they almost always bring noticeable relief. You probably already know one of the pressure points, but didn’t even know it. We’re talking about the temples. Now you have to be careful not to apply too much pressure here, so just use your fingers to make a gentle circular massage motion. Repeat this for about a minute and you should find your head feeling better. Another set of pressure points on the head are on the inside of your eyebrows, just next to your nose. You should be able to apply firmer pressure here (always being careful not to overdo it at any pressure point). Use your thumbs to make smaller and then larger circles until you notice the pain subside. You can find another set of pressure points on the head along the front of your hairline, near the top of your forehead. Start at a height that matches the horizontal level of your eyes (but close to your ears), then massage gently along your hairline until your fingers meet in the middle of your head (a few inches above your nose). However, the head is not the only place where there are pressure points to relieve headaches. Other points are located midway between your head and the outside of your shoulders. These muscles usually store a lot of tension, and releasing that tension with a massage can help relieve headaches. As you move to your forearms, you’ll find more pressure points on the inside of your arm just above the elbow joint. You can find more points by moving diagonally to your biceps. Alternating between the two spots should improve your pain level. These are some of the pressure points for headache relief, but there are quite a few more. Sure, you can always pop an aspirin or medication if you need to, but trying natural remedies can bring just as much relief without having to add chemicals to your body. Thanks for watching and please subscribe. #Pressure #Points #Headache

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