Prepare to Sail the Seas in Pirate Action RPG Under the Jolly Roger



Have you ever dreamed of becoming a pirate? Have you ever imagined fighting side by side with your loyal team and steering the ship through storms and reefs? Now it is possible! Under the funny Roger is an open-ended pirate role-playing game in which you can become the captain of your ship, set sail and embark on a journey full of danger and adventure – unexplored seas and over a hundred exciting quests await!

You will soon have the opportunity to embark on a very risky but very exciting journey when Under the Jolly Roger hits Xbox Series X | on March 3rd S and Xbox One starts. This is available for pre-order now and offers a 20% discount on the Xbox Store for a limited time.

Do you like the thrill? Then sink enemy ships or conquer them! Or do you prefer something peaceful? Well then act and become the richest pirate ever! With every sale of cargo or every ship captured, you get richer and more experienced.

What about your team? They are right next to you! Upgrade your ship, heal the wounded sailors, strengthen their will with strong rum and don’t forget to pay them!

Under the funny Roger

Choose your weapons wisely! In addition to various types of cannons and revolvers, you can buy and upgrade magic crystals. Your enemies will get into trouble when you summon a giant squid or fireballs!

Do not forget that the sea is cruel and treacherous! You have to face bad weather, hurricanes and sea monsters in the depths.

Under the funny Roger

Dozens of different factions become a source of perks and new quests! Some groups are not so friendly to each other, so compromises have to be found and public recognition has to be sought. It’s not easy, but the reward is well worth it!

Under the funny Roger gives you the opportunity to get an impression of the real pirate life! As you explore the open world in real time, you will face many dangers and adventures, improve your ship and crew, and become the greatest pirate of all time!

Pick up the funny Roger!

XBox Live

Under the funny Roger


$ 17.99

$ 14.39

Under the Jolly, Roger offers the ultimate opportunity to roam freely through three vast worlds with dozens of colonies and forts, hundreds of quests and countless ships to plunder. You can trade, fight, explore on your own, or call friends to do the same thing together! Put your foot on the land to raid it! Game features: – Limitless sailing in real time – Use Global Map only when you want! – A system for leveling your pirates, let them grow up from sailor boys to skilled old salts! – Hundreds of quests



Robert Dunfee