Portland Rioters Lay Waste To Police Cruisers In Precinct Parking Lot


When the rioters terrorized east Portland late Monday evening, another group targeted a police parking lot on the other side of town. They * ALLEGED * cut the chain link fence and smashed several police cruisers and flat tires. The window and mirror were broken.

Press release: (Update) – Suspects cut fences and damage police vehicles in north Portland
Link: https://t.co/oc3qL2ju9z pic.twitter.com/8ieUKRdIdH

– Portland Police Department (@PortlandPolice) April 13, 2021

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The official press release from the police reads:

At around 9.44 p.m. on April 12, 2021, a passerby heard the noise of broken glass near the 7200 block of North Philadelphia Avenue near the historic building that houses the Portland Police Bureau’s transportation offices.

Officers who responded found that suspects cut through a chain link fence to gain access to a parking lot, then broke windows, slashed tires, and broke windows of several police vehicles. The suspects fled before the police arrived.

It did so while others in the Penumbra Kelly building in northeast Portland were demolishing property across the city.

Meanwhile, antifa and BLM terrorists attacked the northeastern district on the ranch. they sang “Every city, every city, burns the districts to the ground” before setting fire to dumpsters in the street, hurling stones through the windows of the district building, and throwing fireworks at the police. They also used rebar tire tips to plate the tires on the police cruisers. They even managed to smash a church.

Peacefully, of course.

The official Portland Police press release after the party reads:

After Portland police evicted the violent crowd from the Penumbra Kelly building on Monday night, the crowds did not return. The Penumbra Kelly building is owned by the City of Portland and is used by city office offices, including the Portland Bureau of Community and Civic Life and Police, and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office. Dozens of lower priority calls waiting for the police force? some for hours as officials from across the city responded to restore order in the North Tabor neighborhood where the building is located.

Officials reported significant damage to the outside of the building, including lots of broken windows, graffiti and broken lights. People damaged police vehicles with thrown objects and metal devices intended to puncture tires. Officers reported that suspects in the crowd had ball bearings fired at them from wrist rockets. Many threw all sorts of projectiles, including stones, pieces of concrete, bricks, bottles, and fireworks. Some tried to break through the building by breaking through the front doors. There was no indication that anyone in the crowd tried to stop the violence that led to the uprising. Instead, most of those present actively participated in or encouraged the criminal activity.

Police did not make any arrests during this incident, but investigations into the riot last night may lead to arrests, as has happened after previous riots. The Riot crime is a crime in Oregon.

Prior to the riot, the police issued numerous warnings, including warnings of violence and instructions for the crowd to act lawfully. During the uprising, the police issued instructions to disperse and continued to warn the armed forces. Portland Police used impact ammunition, oleoresin capsicum (OC) and other anti-resistance measures. No CS gas was used.

Meanwhile, America’s favorite Mayor Ted Wheeler refuses to condemn the violence and instead wishes Muslims a happy Ramadan.


Robert Dunfee