Palestinian Islamic Jihad Commander Hassam Abu-Arbid Killed In Massive Explosion Initiated By Israeli Defense Force


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The Israel Defense Forces killed the senior Palestinian commander of Islamic Jihad, Hassam Abu-Arbid, according to The Daily Wire.

“The high-ranking Palestinian commander of Islamic Jihad, Hassam Abu-Arbid, was killed in an Israeli air strike in northern Gaza on Monday afternoon when rockets continued to be fired from the blocked enclave at southern Israeli communities.”

“The IDF said that Abu-Arbid was killed in a joint operation with Shin Bet’s intelligence services, was in command of the terrorist organization’s brigade in the northern Gaza Strip, and was behind the launch of rockets and anti-tank missiles towards Israel.”

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Our warplanes neutralized 9.3 miles of the Hamas underground terror tunnel system overnight.

That is 9.3 miles that can no longer be used for terrorism.

– Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) May 17, 2021

IDF has released a video of its nightly attack on the extensive “Metro” tunnel network. 54 fighter jets took part in the operation, according to an IDF statement. #Gaza #Israel pic.twitter.com/noKvTja3hD

– Joe Truzman (@Jtruzmah) May 17, 2021

The IDF has released footage of the targeted assassination of the commander of the Saraya al-Quds, Hassam Abu-Harbid, the commander of the Northern Brigade of the Gaza Strip. #Israel pic.twitter.com/R4pdcGyv9u

– Joe Truzman (@Jtruzmah) May 17, 2021

IDF released footage of the alignment of a tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip. #Israel pic.twitter.com/XLxFNYQVbr

– Joe Truzman (@Jtruzmah) May 17, 2021

IDF released footage of overnight air strikes targeting the homes of commanders of the Al-Qassam Brigades of the Beit Hanoun, Shati and Gaza City battalions. According to the IDF, a total of 9 houses were targeted by al-Qassam commanders. #Gaza #Israel pic.twitter.com/l8K9RRB6Fp

– Joe Truzman (@Jtruzmah) May 17, 2021

IDF air strikes in #Gaza City tonight. #Israel pic.twitter.com/H7Kzq4jo3u

– Joe Truzman (@Jtruzmah) May 17, 2021

Intense #IDF air strikes continue from north to south in #Gaza. According to several outlets in Gaza, up to 100 strikes have been reportedly carried out.

Including the video, she’s got some interesting secondaries after one of the effects. pic.twitter.com/pHcfBGAvIN

– Aurora Intel (@AuroraIntel) May 16, 2021

The IDF said: “Recently, IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas tunnel shaft in the Khan Yunis area of ​​the southern Gaza Strip.”

“The tunnel contained military equipment and was next to a kindergarten, a mosque and a hospital.”

“This shows once again how the Hamas terrorist organization is deliberately placing its military assets in the heart of densely populated civilian areas.”

“The IDF warned civilians in the building in advance so that they have enough time to evacuate the site.”

“In addition, IDF warplanes hit Hamas Internal Security offices that served as a terrorist infrastructure.”

From the Daily Wire:

The IDF also hit a weapons warehouse located in a Hamas terrorist’s home and also targeted a Hamas naval weapons depot.

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Maj. T., head of the surface-to-surface missile and mortar division, said the Israeli military had been compiling a database of terrorist targets for more than 18 months with the help of almost every branch of the Israeli military.

“This was a big event, unlike anything we’ve done before,” said Maj. T. “The tunnels were built under residential buildings. We turned their tunnels into tunnels of death without hitting civilians. “

“Hamas is always trying to find ways to attack Israel and we are always working to thwart its plans,” he continued. “We have met many of their commanders-in-chief and infrastructures that will bring Hamas back dozens of years after this operation is over.”

Maj. T said that after a week of intense fighting, the IDF database of targets is still full and that “there are enough targets to keep striking, at the same level as we have achieved so far”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during an interview on Sunday: “We are trying to deteriorate Hamas’ terrorist capabilities and its willingness to do so again. So it will take some time. I hope it doesn’t take long, but it’s not immediate. “


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