New Smite Update Brings an All-new Goddess and Pantheon to the Battleground


Tiamat, the goddess of the salt sea, joins them Beat as the 113th God, introducing the new Babylonian Pantheon available today on Xbox One.

The stone tablets of Babylon describe the beginning of the mortal realm – a place of chaos – until the arrival of Tiamat. She destroyed the chaos and filled the cosmic void with the water of the salt sea. Tiamat is the mother of everything – including the first gods who defiantly rose up against her. From her anger she brought forth monsters to punish betrayal of the gods.

Tiamat enters the Smite battlefield on the verge of destruction. It frees the world from Cthulhu’s control and banishes him back into the depths. However, their motives are not selfless. This is now her kingdom to rule, newly created to suit her desires. And she is ready to wage war against anyone who tries to oppose her.

When designing Tiamat, the team wanted to focus on its monstrous form: a divine goddess who is draconian and elegant. Their visual design is inspired by aquatic life and the jewelry of Babylonian kings. The concept team experimented with many different presentations from Tiamat from body shape to animal type. The final design shows a balance between animal strength and the demeanor and grace of a queen.


Tiamat is a magician who changes his posture. We wanted to use these viewpoints to incorporate their conflicting personalities into their kit. The flight posture will be elegant and elevated, while their ground posture will rage and roar. The flying stance will do more long-range magical damage, while the ground stance offers Tiamat on all fours to make brutal melee attacks in the middle of combat. Plus, she’ll be able to spawn monsters to place her bids and duplicate jungle buffs, drawing on the theme that the mother of monsters is really in control of the battlefield.

Do you want to make sure you have everything you need to get started with Tiamat? With the Season Pass 2021 you are covered. You will get the following incredible Tiamat and every other god of season eight as it releases in 2021: Voice Pack, Limited Ascended Skin, Additional Tier 1 Skin, Emotes (Wave and Clap). If you don’t own one with the God Pack, you can also unlock Tiamat and all of the new season eight gods.


We’re also bringing new changes to the Esports and Live Stream Hubs in this update. New skins will be added to the rotation as well as the new Viewer Pass Bundle with Voodoo Rock Baron Samedi. These changes are in anticipation of the new Smite Pro League season. Be on the lookout for team announcements coming very soon!

The Dawn of Babylon event is still live with all new content including Wildstyle Mulan, Arachnoid Arachne and more. Be sure to check out this event before it’s gone.


I hope everyone logs in and tries out the first season eight goddess. Tiamat was a great job and I can’t wait to see everyone on the battlefield.


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