MLB All-Star Game Colorado Rockies Coors Field — Denver, Less Diverse Than ATL — Holds Same Voting Requirements Georgia Recently Implemented


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According to The Daily Wire, the MLB has decided to host the 2021 All-Star Game in Colorado at Coors Field.

The MLB gave in to mounting pressure from the left to boycott Georgia’s recently passed electoral laws.

These new voting laws include the requirement for a driver’s license when voting by mail.

ESPN reported, “Coors Field in Denver has been selected to host this year’s All-Star Game.”

“It’s the second time that the homer-friendly home of the Colorado Rockies has hosted the Midsummer Classic.”

“The American League beat the National League in Coors in 1998 13-8.”

Reporters were quick to share that Colorado also has voter identification laws.

Reporters also noted that the league was shifting to a less diverse area.

“Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes ballot box restrictions,” MLB baseball commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. said in a statement.

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“Fair access to voting continues to be steadfastly supported by our game.”

The Colorado Secretary of State’s website states:

All voters who take part in the elections must identify themselves. If this is your first time voting by mail, you may also be required to provide a photocopy of your ID when returning your postal ballot.

Also, many were quick to point out that both the city and state the game is relocating to, Denver, Colorado, are both significantly less racially diverse than Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are some statistics that corroborate these claims:

* Colorado is 86.9% white and 4.6% black.

* Georgia is 60.2% white and 32.6% black.

* Denver is 76.1% white and 9.2% black.

* Atlanta is 40.9% white and 51% black.

The Georgia county where the game was to take place said it would lose more than $ 100 million from the league, which decided to pull out of the area.

MLB flipped through a list of states with dem governors 100% and selected only one, seemingly unaware that the state they elected has a (or more) restrictive electoral policy than Georgia. It’s perfect.

– Ben Williamson (@_WilliamsonBen) April 6, 2021

Apparently @MLB didn’t read Colorado electoral law, just as they didn’t read Georgia law.

First-time voters for Post in CO must enclose a copy of their identity card with voting slip.

CO matches the signatures on the postal ballot papers. Georgia no longer.

Personal CO voters must present identification.

“Jim Crow on Steroids”? https://t.co/LDchwKvDDC

– Tim Murtaugh (@TimMurtaugh) April 6, 2021

Let Corporate America move an event from a 60% white state to an 80% white state for the sake of racial justice. Pic.twitter.com/iawy8AZmvz

– Logan Dobson (@LoganDobson) April 6, 2021

Atlanta is 52% black. Denver is 10% black. And Colorado needs a voter ID. https://t.co/ANTuLaM6M6

– Arthur Schwartz (@ArthurSchwartz) April 6, 2021

Wow @MLB, Colorado’s law is a little stricter than Georgia’s. Why do you like racism and want to suppress baseball fans? Https://t.co/guXDr0jhSl

– Dana Loesch (@DLoesch), April 6, 2021

Colorado Voting Requirements:

ID required for personal reconciliation
Early voting: 15 days before the election
-Poll times from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
– Incarcerated offenders disenfranchised https://t.co/I8qwa7pbql

– Alex Salvi (@alexsalvinews) April 6, 2021

In Colorado, a voter ID is required to vote in person – either a driver’s license, IRS-issued ID, valid passport, or valid photo ID. @MLB would be better prepared to explain why this is more acceptable than Georgia after making this absurd political statement. https://t.co/QT1wDkTboY

– Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) April 6, 2021

As in GA, Colorado specifically forbids campaign / campaign workers in campaign kits from distributing food and water to waiting voters.

In GA, anyone can give the workers water / snacks to distribute.

(Fixed previous tweet where this was wrong) https://t.co/2eTIKotqPv

– Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) April 6, 2021

More from The Daily Wire:

The Georgia county where the game was to take place said it would lose more than $ 100 million from the league, which decided to pull out of the area. MLB’s decision to withdraw from Atlanta came after Democratic President Joe Biden said in an interview last week that he would “strongly support” the decision to withdraw from Atlanta.

Colorado is one of the few states to have a general mail-in vote before 2020. This practice is considered controversial by critics because it sends ballots to all voters, regardless of whether they request a ballot or not.

Some of the forms of identification that Colorado accepts to vote on include:

A valid Colorado driver’s license or ID card issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue. (Note: Documents issued under Article 2 Part 5 of Title 42, CRS in order to illegally and temporarily lawfully present individuals are not acceptable forms of identification.)


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