Local Judge Declares: ‘This Is An Act Of War’ – Four Texas Counties Prep To Respond To The Horrific Border Crisis


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According to The Western Journal, the local government is preparing to take action against the border crisis.

Four counties in Texas, Atascosa, Kinney, La Salle and Goliad, have declared the state of disaster.

Kinney County stated, “The ongoing border crisis has resulted in thousands of illegal aliens entering Kinney County and overwhelming our local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.”

“This ongoing violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity has resulted in Kinney County’s residents being attacked, threatened with violence and robbed, while causing enormous damage to property.”

Any statement from the counties suggests that Governor Greg Abbott is setting up the Texas National Guardsmen.

Mike Bennett, Goliad County judge, said, “This needs to be addressed at the source – our border – and we hope our governor will.”

Roy Boyd, Goliad County Sheriff, said, “If we don’t do something about it, we’re not a nation.”

“I’d much rather see the federal government get off their duff and do something about it, but I’m sorry, I have no faith. It must be from the state of Texas. If the state does nothing, it is all over. “

Mark Myers, a Lavaca County judge, stated, “It all costs tax dollars because illegal aliens don’t pay that bill – they do.”

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“This is not a sustainable future. We can not do that.”

“The governor has to respond and treat it for what it is, what an invasion of our nation is.”

“This is an act of war.”

From the Western Journal:

Similar language was used in all four declarations, which means a unity between the counties against this flood, which the federal government will frankly not achieve.

Each statement also called on Republican Governor Greg Abbott to send additional Texas National Guardsmen to their counties to help combat the ongoing crisis. Abbott has already begun sending forces to the border as part of Operation Lone Star, which aims to combat the current immigration surge.

While Abbott has not yet declared a state of emergency in Texas, the governor on Monday asked district judges to send him a “complete and accurate” estimate of the financial impact Biden’s border crisis is having on their communities so that he can personally bill the federal government Government, according to The Epoch Times.

Goliad County’s Judge Mike Bennett, who signed his county’s declaration, reportedly believes the majority of Texas’ 254 counties will follow in his footsteps.

The outlet reported that Bennett said during a public meeting in Houston last week that the border crisis is absorbing almost all of the resources that small counties like him have.

The judge is absolutely right. The Times reported that over 76,000 illegal immigrants were arrested by Border Patrol in the first two weeks of April – for most of January, based on customs and border protection data. In March, 172,331 Border Patrol immigrants were encountered – more than 18,000 of whom were unaccompanied minors.

This is the border crisis these counties are facing, and if the government doesn’t stop the flood, Americans will continue to cause damage.


Robert Dunfee