Kill It With Fire Available Now on Xbox One



  • Collect a huge arsenal to use against a wide variety of spiders.
  • Complete optional objectives to unlock the best weapons and upgrades.
  • Test your spider-squeezing mastery in the arachno glove for some extra surprises.

I am very happy to announce that Kill it with fire is now available on Xbox One! It’s full of insidious spiders, an increasingly ridiculous arsenal, and incredibly intricate (yet flammable) environments. It’s also full of goals, puzzles, challenges, secrets, two different upgrade systems, a secret ending (oops, spoilers), and achievements!

If you start your spider-hunting crusade in Kill It With Fire, you won’t have much. Just your mind and a trustworthy clipboard, an essential tool for squeezing spiders that shows a list of your current goals. As you unlock new areas (by killing spiders, of course) you will discover additional goals to complete. These are optional, but there are some fantastic reasons to complete them.

First, they are a kind of “self-guided tutorial” to introduce different concepts and systems to beginners. Next, you’ll occasionally come across a locked door or container that requires a certain number of locked objectives to open – these are usually where the best goodies are hidden. After all, every goal you complete is worth one upgrade point. Completing each objective of a mission will unlock the Arachno Gauntlet (more on that later).

Upgrade points you say? That’s right, tons of upgrades are hidden throughout the game. Once you spot one (some are well hidden), you’ll need enough upgrade points to equip it. There are some wild improvements in the game, from the usual suspects like increased movement speed and inventory size to completely broken ones like access to unlimited ammo and other gadgets.

Kill it with fire

And that’s just the first upgrade system. The other is for your Spider Tracker. This little piece of high tech gimmick is your best friend when it comes to finding spiders. And there are tracker upgrades that are hidden throughout the game to make it even more powerful. However, to equip them you will need batteries, which are also hidden everywhere. But do you know what else is hidden everywhere? You guessed it: spiders.

In the first mission you will encounter your garden diversity arachnid (in the truest sense of the word). As the game progresses, you’ll battle different types of spiders, each with a new trick up its sleeve – and spiders have many sleeves. Some like to jump in your face. Others shoot nets in your face. Then there are those who like to explode … in your face. Every mission brings a new nightmare.

Kill it with fire

For those who really want to test their skills against spider species, there is only one option: the arachno glove. These are special, timed targets only for the most extreme destroyers. Each mission has its own glove – completing them all will unlock some extra surprises at the end of the game.

Well, budding spider hunters, that’s all! If you think you have what it takes to be an exterminator, get a copy of Kill it with fire today! Do you have any questions or just want to speak? Come and say hello on the official Kill It With Fire Discord.

Kill it with fire

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Kill it with fire



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The spider – the oldest and deadliest nemesis known to man. As a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, it’s time to fight back! Build your arsenal of increasingly excessive weapons, track spiders in the suburbs and burn everything that gets in your way! To defeat spiders you have to exploit their only weakness: FIRE. Or bullets. Or explosions, throwing stars, getting stained by things … pretty much anything, really. But that doesn’t mean it will be easy – you have to find the spiders first. Use the latest arachnid tracking technology to locate your quarry from among hundreds of potential hiding spots. Then torch everything and smash the spider with a pan after it is empty. This is the only way to be sure.


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Robert Dunfee