JUST IN: Two Salt Lake County Sheriff Shot In The Head During Fatal Bloody Shoot Out, Just Outside Of The County Jail


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According to Fox News, two Salt Lake City Sheriff officers were hospitalized after a fatal exchange of fire outside the county jail.

That story is still developing, but reports have revealed some information.

One of the hospital sheriff officers was shot in the eye and is currently in critical condition.

The other sheriff’s officer is in stable condition and was also shot in the head where this was not disclosed.

Although he did not go into further detail, Salt Lake County Sheriff Rosie Rivera announced that he and the hospital officials were an “on campus security team.”

“These types of incidents are really devastating for the department,” continued Rivera.

“We hope and pray that our MPs are well.”

“The law enforcement environment is extremely dangerous right now and we know it.”

Local investigators shot officers outside the Salt Lake County sheriff’s office https://t.co/U1NPwmzLuT via @GephardtDaily pic.twitter.com/ePQYg3fbW3

– SLCScanner (@SLCScanner) April 10, 2021

From Fox News:

Two Salt Lake County MPs were hospitalized Saturday after being shot dead in the Salt Lake County subway prison parking lot.

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Utah-based security officials are still investigating the motive of the incident.

Look again at this developing story.


Robert Dunfee