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How To Treat Joint Pain There are many ways to relieve joint pain at home, including: Ice: Ice can be applied to the joints to reduce swelling and pain. Ice the joint for 15 minutes several times a day. Heat: If you experience muscle spasms, use a heating pad to warm the joint for a few days. You can let the joint rest for the first day. Avoid any activity that causes pain. You need to exercise the joint after the initial inflammation subsides. Dietary Supplements: Consider taking dietary supplements like chondroitin and glucosamine. “Glucosamine sulfate has been shown in studies to relieve pain in patients with arthritic joint pain. However, there isn’t enough data to prove that it reduces inflammation. Dietary supplements can prove beneficial, but more must be done in the longer term.” Studies to Determine the Real Effects. However, some people report improvements after taking supplements. When taken correctly, these dietary supplements are not harmful to your health. Weight Loss: Joint pain can be common in overweight people. Losing weight could help relieve some of that pressure. Your doctor will help you devise an exercise program that is right for you. Swimming and cycling are great ways to keep your joints healthy. Your doctor can treat your joint pain in an office setting: given when the doctor has the correct diagnosis. This can reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Physiotherapy: Patients with joint pain can benefit greatly from physiotherapy.All therapists use heat and cold therapy, as well as a variety of other modalities, to relieve pain, strengthen the joint, and increase freedom of movement. Regenerative Medicine: Much advances have been made in this area. They can help you heal injured or damaged tissue, such as the lining of your joint. These therapies inject substances from your blood or other compounds into specific areas to strengthen tissues and reduce the effects of long-term debilitating arthritis. Regardless of your treatment plan, if your pain becomes unbearable or your joint suddenly becomes inflamed, see a doctor right away. #Joint #pain #cure #treatment.

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