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Joe Concha predicts 'red tsunami' as Biden approval nosedives to new lows


The Fox News agent joined Fox & Friends First to discuss the popularity issue, arguing that the Biden administration did not want to “answer the tough questions” or “do the hard work.” #FoxNews … JOE CONCHA: We had a massacre in Waukesha, grandmothers and children were run over by a murderous madman who should never have been bailed at a time when we only barely could [have] Smash-and-grave looting. We are at a time [when] Murders skyrocket in cities from Philadelphia to Chicago to Austin to Los Angeles, and dozens in between. The President isn’t offering that solution … He’s taking the weekend off to run to Jimmy Fallon’s on Friday night and then to an awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center on Sunday night. Kamala Harris, also at the Kennedy Center, cannot bother visiting the US southern border or speaking to any guides from Mexico or Nicaragua or Guatemala. Even as a former California attorney general and attorney general, she can’t go to the trouble of addressing crimes in any way, form, or form. This is a government that thinks they can ignore or lie about a problem and it will eventually go away. They don’t want to do the hard work or answer the tough questions and one poll after another, after one poll, Americans show they know and their voices will, believe me, be heard in the form of a red tsunami in 2022 the house and the senate. … subscribe to Fox News!
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