I’m hoping LG’s 48-inch OLED gaming TV drops in price as production goes into high gear


The best TV for gaming happens to be the only 48-inch OLED TV on the market, LG’s OLED48CX. Frustratingly, it costs more than LG’s 55-inch model from the same player-friendly CX series, if not for long.

According to a Google-translated article on Chosun Ilbo (via TechRadar), LG plans to massively ramp up production of its 48-inch OLED TV over the next month by hiring its Paju facility to print only sheets of glass made in 48- Inch sheets of glass can be cut. Inch panels.

As a result, production is expected to climb to 1 million units this year, nearly five times the 220,000 units manufactured entirely in one factory in China last year.

LG wholly owns the 48-inch OLED TV market, likely because TV makers believe consumers would rather spend a premium on a larger LCD model than a smaller OLED screen. What they may have underestimated, however, is the double market appeal: at 48 inches, the OLED48CX can sit on a decent sized desk and live a happy life as a PC gaming monitor.

The OLED48CX is more than just a livelihood, it can thrive as a 4K gaming monitor. In fact, LG had games in mind when it launched its 48-inch model as the latest addition to the CX family. Like the rest of the lineup, it features HDMI 2.1 connectivity to allow support for variable refresh rates and an automatic low-latency mode. It’s also a FreeSync display and certified G-Sync compatible to start with.

The limitation has always been the price. Even at its current retail price of $ 1,450 on Best Buy, it’s more expensive than the 55-inch model, which retails for $ 1,350. Likewise, Vizio’s 55-inch OLED TV with HDMI 2.1 connectivity (but without G-Sync compatible certification) is available for $ 1,200.

Granted, a 48-inch form factor is a lot better for desktop placement than a 55-inch TV, but it’s a mental hurdle when asked to pay more for less real estate and the same features, even if so fits better.

Even so, the OLED48CX is proving to be a surprisingly popular option, hence the plan to make a lot more of it this year. That alone could cause prices to drop below the 55-inch model, I hope. And if I make requests, I’d love to see other TV manufacturers (Vizio in particular) make competing models to bring down prices too.



Robert Dunfee