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Houseplant Company Outside In Launches Plant Giveaway


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Attention Plant Parents: Outside In, a relatively new e-commerce store selling house plants and plant goods, has launched the ultimate plant giveaway. To celebrate the shop’s first birthday, Outside In is giving away 500 mysterious plants over the next few weeks according to the “first come, first served” principle. No purchase is required to claim a plant – plant parents only need to pay the $ 9.99 (discounted) shipping cost.

Outside In released the first giveaway for TikTok, and that’s no surprise, but the first 100 batches sold out quickly. (Who doesn’t love a houseplant?) Like the plants themselves, the days and times of the batch drops remain a complete mystery. For the best chance of securing a plant, follow Outside In on Instagram, Tick ​​tock, and Facebook. As soon as the new drops are announced on social media, plant parents can request a plant on Outside In’s Landing Page Free Plant.

Some terms: Plants are limited to one free plant per customer, and of course the shop cannot accept requests for specific plants. It is supposed to be a mystery after all. Once claimed, the mysterious plants will be shipped within 5-12 weeks of the giveaway ending. (For a full list of terms, see Outside In’s promotional page.)

Regarding the type of plants to expect, a fully rooted, healthy, and established houseplant with a pot diameter of 3 to 4 inches (pot diameter) will be sent out. For the curious: No spoilers, but the plants could include (but are not limited to) Peperomias, Snake Plants, ZZ Plants, Succulents, Monsteras, and Pothos Plants.

Launched in April 2020, Outside In is a women-owned indoor plant and houseware delivery service based on sustainability. The e-commerce store does not use single-use plastic, ships with recyclable materials, grows on-site (in Florida) plants, and supports reforestation initiatives as per its About page.

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