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Here’s How to Make the Scandinavian Sleep Comforter Hack Actually Look Good


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I knew we were going to have problems the first night we stayed together. It was February in Boston, freezing cold in his apartment, and he swallowed the only queen-size thin blue blanket on his bed. Neither of us slept a wink – me because I was shaking (and he wouldn’t stop throwing and turning around), and he because he just never sleeps.

Fast forward four years later and we still have problems in the bedroom – sleep problems. Not only does my friend Curtis slip into bed a few hours after me, but he’s also a notoriously awful sleeper. His parents love to joke with me that they would toss a coin to see who would have to sleep with Curtis in their hotel room on vacation when he was little. He moves around in bed all night, and there have been a couple of times in the middle of the night he accidentally slapped my face with a slapping hand.

With Curtis moving all night – and he later when I went to bed – it was all too easy for me to wake up when I felt a jerk on the flat sheet we shared or the cold caused by fogging up a blanket. Curtis got better sleep laying in bed under a tight, hidden sheet and mountain of blankets, and all I really needed was a blanket for me to be honest. Six months ago we discovered the Scandinavian sleep method and our lives (and sleep goals) changed forever.

If you’re new to the game, the Scandinavian sleep method is an ingenious hack that involves a couple sleeping with two comforters on one bed rather than one. Each person has their own blanket and can eat their own blanket at will. While the traditional way to do this is to use just one fitted sheet and then two comforters, my partner and I actually have a fitted sheet, two flat twin sheets (I like cool cottons, and he likes his jersey cottons) and then our own comforters.

The best thing about our own comforters is that we can choose which one we prefer. As I have allergies, I chose Brooklinen’s Twin Down Alternative All-Season Comforter, while Curtis chose the Natural Down Twin All-Season Comforter. Replacing our thin queen blanket for two fluffy twin blankets saved our sleeping relationship, but unfortunately having two blankets on one bed isn’t always aesthetically pleasing.

According to Geneviève Rosen-Biller, decor expert and founder of Bed Threads in Sydney, Australia, there are several ways you can make the Scandinavian sleeping method more presentable in your bedroom. “Matching duvet covers are essential when designing a bed with two duvets. Choosing a solid color ensures that they blend together more easily than a pattern, ”explains Rosen-Biller. “You can either fold them in half or thirds lengthways and lay them next to each other on the bed, or you can spread them next to each other on the bed and slightly overlap in the middle. A throw over the bottom of the bed and some extra pillows will help to tweak the look. “

On the flip side, Courtney Sempliner, a Port Washington, New York-based interior designer, says you can easily use a firm or patterned comforter – just make sure you “marry the two sides of the bed with a coordinated decorative pillow.” , a long pillow and a throw at the end of the bed. She also suggests using two duvets (you want to have two double or full size comforters as something larger could tangle or bunch up) and then cover them with a single comforter at the foot of the bed for a more uniform look achieve.

Although my partner and I sleep with two flat flat sheets under our duvets, the real Scandinavian sleeping method recommends that you do without the flat sheets and only stick to a fitted sheet and duvet. “You would wash the duvet cover as often as the fitted sheet and pillowcases,” explains Sempliner. “Across Europe, the upper flat sheet is out of date, leaving a pared-back and functional bedroom.”

There are many ways to marry two comforters together for a cozy, streamlined look. Because we love the feel of our Brooklinen duvets, we have done without duvet covers and instead sleep with them naked. I definitely took the comforter tip to heart and added a colorful floral quilt to distract from the seam that runs down the center of our bed due to the separate comforters. The matching pillows are sure to distract a little there too. Maybe we could add nicely patterned duvet covers to the two comforters, but considering I’ve slept more than eight hours in the past six months, I’m reluctant to change anything. To be honest, I would opt for a full night’s sleep over a lovely looking bed any day, but now I can have both.



Robert Dunfee