Heartbreaking Photo Shows ‘Hand of God’ Created by Nurse For Covid Patients Suffering in Isolation


This is heartbreaking.

A Brazilian nurse created a device from disposable gloves filled with warm water to simulate human contact for Covid patients who suffer in isolation from the name “The Hand of God”.

Newsweek reported:

Brazilian nurse technician Semei Araújo Cunha posted her glove device on her social media accounts on March 20, according to a report by G1 São Carlos and Araraquara. Using the “small glove” technique developed by Lidiane Melo, Cunha filled two latex gloves with warm water, tied the fingertips together and pushed a patient’s hand through.

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The project is twofold in that it both quickly warms the extremities of intubated patients and offers comfort in what feels like someone else is holding their hand.

“It’s very sad and heartbreaking for everyone. Inpatients, intubated, with no family contact, no contact with anyone, ”Cunha told G1. “Whoever is speaking, it’s just by cell phone and video call, they no longer have the cuddle, they have no affection. You cannot receive visits, the patient becomes vulnerable. “

“We decided to do this as a form of affection, cuddling and humanization, like someone taking her hand, and also to soften the extremities that were very cold,” Cunha told G1.

“The Hand of God” – Nurses trying to comfort isolated patients in a Brazilian Covid isolation ward. Two tied disposable gloves full of hot water that simulate impossible human contact. Greetings to the frontliners and a clear reminder of the gloomy situation in our world [email protected] pic.twitter.com/eldzkT4JHa

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