Genshin Impact is teaming up with KFC for a bucket-and-glider deal in China


Genshin Impact is a big hit, but now it seems like it really is the big hit. Genshin Impact streamer Zeniet posted a picture on Twitter indicating that miHoYo is teaming up with KFC for a branded bucket deal in China.

KFC works with Genshin Impact. Offers time-limited KFC Diluc Bucket and Wing Skin. pic.twitter.com/QXK3NvWJraFebruary 22, 2021

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According to Reddit, when you buy the Diluc Chicken Bucket, you will also receive a code for an exclusive glider in the colors of KFC. There’s no suggestion, however, that KFC skins for Diluc and Noelle are part of the deal, which probably makes sense: Genshin Impact doesn’t currently support skins, and launching with a KFC crossover locked to China would be an unusual path to debut .

This type of crossover is apparently not all that uncommon in China. In 2019, for example, KFC and Final Fantasy 14 teamed up on an action that resulted in players eating a disturbing amount of fried chicken just to earn a special chocobo mount. There are also:

(This is from Identity V.)

KFC has built a presence in the gaming space in other parts of the world in recent years. It launched a comprehensive “gaming division” in 2018 (though apparently it’s mostly dedicated to meme sharing), sponsors Rainbow Six Siege tournaments, and launched “A Finger Lickin ‘Good Dating Simulator” in 2019 with an unexpectedly attractive Colonel Sanders with whom Fraser couldn’t handle it.

The picture shows that Diluc Chicken Bucket will go on sale on March 8th. I emailed KFC and miHoYo for more information, including whether it might come to North America one day – I don’t play Genshin Impact but am always ready for a greasy fast food publicity stunt – and it will updated when i get an answer.



Robert Dunfee