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The Outrider Demo is now available to players on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One available! No pre-order is required to access and start the game. It will remain active indefinitely, so you can roll over your progress to the full version from April 1, 2021. No FOMO required. We want you to take the time to watch the demo and then make an informed decision about whether Outrider is for you.

For some of you, this may be the first time you’ve heard of outriders. Or maybe it’s been on the edge of your consciousness for a while but you still want to know the details. You’re lucky. I’ve broken this article into segments so you can jump to the places that interest you most.

What are Outriders?

Outriders is a brutal RPG co-op shooter set from the third person perspective. The gameplay focuses on combat, which is equally balanced between gunfight and the use of skills. We’ve intentionally minimized the cooldowns of skills to encourage frequent use.


RPG elements and loot play an important role in the mechanics of all Outriders. We have developed extensive crafting and modding options, as well as some very deep skill trees, so that every player can tailor their character exactly to their needs.

You can choose between four classes: the trickster, the pyromancer, the destroyer and the technomancer. Each of these has its own style of play and healing mechanics. Your weapons and armor not only affect the way you shoot, but also the way your skills work. Our Legendary Armor Bonuses can help you rethink your character builds from the ground up.


Outriders plays best and is most fun when you adopt one of its guiding philosophies: Think aggressively. While each class in the game offers different healing mechanisms, they all generally relate to dealing damage or killing enemies in order to restore your own health.

As a quick example, the Trickster class will restore their health and shields when enemies die nearby. This means that when the going gets tough and you feel like you are about to die, you want to plunge into the middle of the battle where the battles are hardest. Running and hiding behind cover may work … but then just wait for enemies to wash you out with minimal health remaining. Survival requires aggression.


Oh, one more thing: Outriders come as a complete package, everything in the box. It is not a live service title and you can complete it.

Do outriders have a story?

The premise of the story is that in the distant future we will try to colonize a planet that we believed was a new home for humanity. It turns out that the planet doesn’t want us there.

Electromagnetic storms (anomalies) burn out any technology more sophisticated than a lightbulb. Given the technological advantages we relied on and the flora and fauna that have evolved to combat human threats, colonization efforts quickly collapse into a bitter war of attrition for the last remaining resources for humanity.


As the Outrider, you will wake up from cryostasis 30 years after the first landings. You appear as a changed person, as a being with access to powerful abilities and healing abilities. A god on the always raging battlefield. This is where the main story begins …

Tell me about the demo!

The Outriders demo is the entire opening chapter of the game. Complete with access to all four classes, the main path and the boss, as well as all the side quests and areas included in this opening chapter. We estimate that an average playthrough of the demo will take two to three hours … per class.


This chapter will introduce you to most of the game’s mechanics, although deeper systems like tinkering are only fully unlocked once you exit the demo section.

If you are a fan of storytelling in games, then you should pay special attention to all cutscenes and lore in the demo. The Outriders main story is something we paid special attention to in order to create a compelling narrative. It all starts in the prologue and the opening chapter that you will play in the demo. I highly recommend exploring far and wide if you want to discover the secrets of Enoch included in the Outriders demo.


Outriders can be played all by yourself if you prefer. However, if you want to play with your friends, Outriders supports drop-in / drop-out co-op for up to three players. Multiplayer will become available once you’ve completed the prologue and selected a class. We also support cross-play on all platforms so you can play with your friends no matter where they are playing. And if they’re not online at any time, we have built-in matchmaking that allows you to team up with other players based on your level and progression.

As mentioned earlier, your progress will carry over to the main game. Your characters, equipment, and progress will all be waiting for you when you feel ready to immerse yourself in the full Outriders experience.


So what have you got to lose You can now on Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One jump into the demo! For more information, as well as the People Can Fly developer interview, check out Xbox Wire’s hands-on preview of last year’s Outriders.

See you on Enoch, Outrider.


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Take your first steps into a wild future in the OUTRIDERS demo and try out the most aggressive RPG shooter in the genre. With all four available classes and the first four brutal skills of each, you can murder your enemies as a trickster, burn them as a pyromancer, punish them as a destroyer at close range, or as a mysterious technomancer at close range. Play in single player mode or with up to two friends while you experience the prologue and opening hours of OUTRIDERS. NOTE: The OUTRIDERS demo requires a free Square Enix member account which allows you to carry over your progress, including your custom Outrider character, across the game. Square Enix members also get a free emote in Slick and Smooth! The OUTRIDERS demo also requires permanent online access. The game uses Smart Delivery and gives access to the Xbox One title and Xbox Series X title, if available.

Outriders - Standard Edition

XBox Live

Outriders – Standard Edition

Square Enix Ltd.

$ 59.99

Pre-order OUTRIDERS now to receive the Hell’s Rangers content pack, which includes: • The Hell’s Rangers’ male and female gear sets. • Hell’s Rangers arsenal with 11 unique weapons. • The Hell’s Rangers Truck Mods and Decals. OUTRIDERS is a co-op RPG shooter for 1-3 players set in an original, dark and desperate science fiction universe. When humanity is bleeding to death in Enoch’s trenches, create your own Outrider and embark on a journey across the hostile planet. With rich stories from a diverse world, leave the slums and shanty cities of the First City behind and traverse forests, mountains and desert to pursue a mysterious signal. Combining intense shooting game with violent forces and an arsenal of increasingly twisted weapons and gear sets, OUTRIDERS offers countless hours of gameplay from one of the best shooter developers in the business – People Can Fly. The game uses Smart Delivery and gives access to the Xbox One title and Xbox Series X | S titles, if available.


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