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Cool Upcycled Furniture Redos – Best Furniture Redo Ideas


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Finding the perfect decor for your home can be a long and tricky process. One way to find a decor that suits your budget, space, and personal design style is to design it yourself. It might sound intimidating, but if you start with a solid foundation, you’re halfway there. If you’re looking for used sources like thrift stores, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, buy-nothing groups, or even the curb, you can win some real rough diamonds that just need a little TLC to reach their true potential.

Do you need inspiration? Check out the work of these intrepid handyman. With a little care, time, and equality of sweat, they were able to salvage old furniture and make the perfect pieces for their homes. Here are the 11 best furniture upcycles we’ve ever seen.

1. A living room gets a big style boost with used kitchen cabinets valued at $ 40

You’d never guess that these built-ins were actually refurbished kitchen cabinets that were bought on the Facebook Marketplace for just $ 40. Home improvement Tara painted them white and added ceiling shelves above to create their perfectly fitting fixtures.

2. A Craigslist cabinet worth $ 13 gets a wonderfully simple make-under

This $ 13 Craigslist record cabinet is unrecognizable after home improvement Shelley got her hands on it. For this light-up, Shelley removed the stickers, vigorously sanded them to remove the black paint, and added tapered legs to create a mid-century vibe.

3. A thrift store display shelf becomes a $ 180 design piece

Cane webbing keeps popping up these days, and home improvement Robin took it upon herself when she redesigned this thrift store display shelf. She made her own shaker style doors using pieces of pine and sugar cane, and added cool hardware – all for just $ 180.

4. This trendy $ 130 redo turns a boring dresser into a showpiece

The handyman Melissa transformed her old dresser with a trendy, fluted look on the doors. Melissa cut bead trim boards from the hardware store to the size of each drawer front and secured them with wood glue and staples. Add a new paint job and hardware and this dresser is far from easy.

5. A Luxe $ 300 Redo transforms those cheap cube shelves

Cube shelves are functional, but not always particularly attractive. DIY enthusiast Jordan redesigned her adult set by turning it into a rattan console to be the envy of them. She painted the shelf matte black, made the door frames herself, and added legs. Their shoes are kept inside (and below), and their pockets are on top.

6. A traditional sideboard gets a modern makeover for only $ 180

This dated sideboard now looks like it was from the middle of the century thanks to a deep blue paint job and (much-needed) new trains. And get yourself this: Home improvement Melissa filled in the grooves on the doors herself for an updated flat-front look that didn’t require a new purchase. Breathtaking!

7. A vintage stall destined for the trash is given respectful refreshment

This stable still has a lot of vintage charm but is now more functional and easy on the eyes. Handyman Sharnene sanded off the paint on this once discarded piece, added new features, and cut off the floor of the stall so there were enough drawers to fill it. Finally she painted it dark gray. The end result is very special.

8. A $ 48 redo breathes new life into a piece of furniture for children

Once upon a time, this closet was found on the curb, spiced up and then used by DIYer Emma to furnish the nursery. Now she’s upcycled it again with a coat of paint (Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy) and wallpaper for just $ 48 to line the shelves.

9. A dated desk is transformed into a functional kitchen island

You read that right: this kitchen island used to be a desk. The do-it-yourselfer Christina found the desk on the Facebook marketplace and knew that she could make something else out of it. She removed the desk and connected the two sides to a solid base at the bottom of the island that she had trimmed with moldings. She eventually added a wood top, green paint, and new drawer slides and voila – you’d never guess this island had a previous life as a desk.

10. A $ 25 damaged chest of drawers is rerun on a million dollar style

This vintage dresser, which can be found on OfferUp for just $ 25, has been brought back to its heyday with fresh taupe paint and additional floral drawer linings. These aren’t new pulls either – instead, DIY enthusiast Katrina buffed the old ones to reveal their original sheen.

11. The magic of color gives this 80s restaurant a fresh new feel

Thanks to a fresh mix of paint and stain (black paint on the base, matte chocolate wood on the top), a handmade dining set looks straight from 2021. Along with some new chairs, the old table now has a new modern farmhouse look.



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