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8 Benefits of NoFap – What They Havent Told You.


8 Benefits of NoFap – What They Didn’t Tell You. The benefits of nofap. You can reboot your brain’s dopamine mechanism – dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for taking an action-oriented approach to setting and pursuing your goals such as nutritious foods, being successful in society, and having sex (dopamine plays a key role in erection and Orgasm). That is the evolutionary purpose of dopamine. Increased Energy and Metabolism – Having been on NoFap my testosterone levels are now at their peak. Even small things excite me. I don’t like being at home all the time. From hair loss to hair regrowth – I was amazed to see my hairline start to grow back. At first I didn’t check my hair in the mirror, later I found some dark hairs that appeared on the crown and temple. That made my confidence so strong. You Get Muscular – When you store proteins and amino acids in the body, your testosterone levels increase, paving the way to getting muscular. Sharp memory and focus – I don’t know scientifically how my memory and focus got back after a long time. (Didn’t have to have done this in the 12th so I could give more points) Glowing Skin – Since the proteins are no longer needed for semen, the skin is getting adequate proteins and that could do its job . Respect for the opposite sex – You don’t see the opposite sex wrong. Instead, you feel respect for them. Sleep Phase – Because you don’t lose a large amount of energy through masturbation, your body has a minimal amount of energy and sleep required to keep it fueled. You feel refreshed with a limited amount of sleep. Stability increases – you feel more balanced physically and mentally. Every organ in your body has to apply less voltage. I hope it helps. If you have to stop doing a good thing, think about why you started. Thanks for watching and please subscribe.

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Robert Dunfee