World of Warcraft’s roguelike dungeon is being overhauled so that failing to beat it won’t ruin your night


Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, is one of the most ambitious features of World of Warcraft. It’s a sprawling, multi-story dungeon that’s basically a roguelike in its own right. The layout and enemies change every time you explore, and as you venture onto tougher grounds, you acquire wildly overpowering skills that can turn you into a demon-killing badass. It’s great fun – unless you can’t kill the final boss. In this case, 45 minutes of effort are thrown out the window and you have nothing to show.

“One of the biggest feedbacks since Shadowlands was released has been that the feeling of becoming that powerful wrecking ball that goes through Torghast and breaks all the rules is a lot of fun. The downside, however, is that losing in Torghast is one of them worst experience ever made in World of Warcraft, “Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said in an interview today. “And that’s a problem. That sucks.”

You see, Torghast is the main source of a valuable currency called Soul Ash, which is used to power up your legendary gear. You can only get so much soul ash each week, so players will have to beat Torghast if they hope to keep up with their guildmates and face tougher challenges. However, this soul ash is only earned once you have successfully completed a run of the dungeon, which can take up to an hour to complete. Die too often and you didn’t cope with anything from the start, which I can personally say is so damn miserable that I got mad for a few days. Hazzikostas agrees, so Torghast will be redesigning the next major update to Shadowlands, Chains of Domination.

“We want to review successes and failures in Torghast in Chains of Domination,” said Hazzikostas. He explained that in Chains of Domination Torghast’s death counter will be replaced because the big monster responsible for knocking you out of the dungeon if you die too often is actually a raid boss in the upcoming raid. Since the players will kill it, it makes sense that the rule it obeys also be dropped.

“What if instead we had more of a rating or score that is more of a spectrum, a continuum of success and trying to get better, be more efficient, be faster, or have fewer deaths, but do you have a reward to show for? ”Hazzikostas said. “You always want to do better, but you never go empty-handed – unless you fail on the first floor and your run ends there, that’s okay.”

It’s a simple solution, but it sounds a lot better to me. Unfortunately, Hazzikostas didn’t have many details to share, but just knowing that Torghast is undergoing an overhaul is good news.

“We’ll have more to show when that [Public Test Realm] starts for Chains of Domination. We look forward to much feedback and repetition on this system, “said Hazzikostas.” I think our take on Torghast is that the environment is awesome, the gameplay is awesome, the variety of content and experiences there is awesome, but it has to be a place where we can offer challenges without frustration and despair when the Challenge becomes too much for you. “

Chains of Domination has no release date yet, but will be released this year. You can read our interview with the most exciting features here.



Robert Dunfee