What happens when 50 howling wolves battle Valheim’s final boss?


You can tame and breed wolves in the viking survival game Valheim, and unlike tamed wild boars, wolves will actually follow you. You’ll also fight your enemies loyally and fairly effectively – a two-star wolf can pretty much mess up Valheim’s first boss, Eikthyr, or as I’ve heard.

But how would a wolf fare against Valheim’s boss? And what if that wolf had 49 additional howling wolves by his side? One gamer decided to find out, and it’s quite a glorious scene.

Over on Reddit, WoodDivision5 was busy breeding wolves and (somehow) coping with the almost constant howling that has turned many Valheim wolf breeders around the corner. (Seriously, wolves. You have to give the howl a pause.) Starting from a pair of two-star wolves, WoodDivision5 bred 48 more and then led the Fuzzy Army to Valheim’s boss, Yagluth, to fight there. And here it is:

After my wolf breeding post, I decided to bring them back to Yagluth. This time solo. Yagluth VS ~ 50 2-star wolves. from r / valheim

I haven’t competed against Yagluth myself, but it makes the giant glowing skeleton look like a joke. By my count, the fight lasts a total of 11 seconds. Yagluth’s massive health bar appears after he’s called – and in the end he’s already missing a notch due to the incredibly eager wolves who just can’t wait to bite him.

And then they just totally shredded Yagluth. He loses half of his HP within six seconds. In the middle of the crowd, the skeletal giant slowly raises a massive bony hand to launch his first attack, and … it’s all over. Death by wolves. Lots of wolves. What a pack of good dogs! Odin would be proud and possibly even a little horrified. “I said destroy my enemies, but that … that was just brutal.”

How do you breed so many wolves? WoodDivision5 says they used a version of the “Boar Machine” breeding tower, a version of which you can see in this video. Essentially, two boars (or wolves) are trapped in a small chamber on top of a tower that is easy to dispense feed. Fed animals are happy, and happy animals breed, and when the baby animals are born they fall through a gap in the floor and into a collecting pen below. This keeps the pair continuously updated as breeding only stops when there are too many adults in an area.

If you are transporting 50 wolves from the mountains to the plains, you can forget about putting them all on one ship. Instead, according to WoodDivision5, they took a pair of wolves (one by one by boat) and put them in a brood tower on the plains near Yagluth’s altar of incantation.

None of the wolves were killed in action, although two died of one fatality en route to the showdown. After the fight, WoodDivision said the wolves were given their freedom, both due to the massive FPS hits that come with having so many wolves in one place and “the slow madness I was pushed into with the howl” . Understandable. They are good dogs, but loud.



Robert Dunfee