Tucker Carlson Blasts Republican Party For Taking Advice From Pollster Frank Luntz (VIDEO)


The top Republicans recently had a campaign strategy meeting where they were advised by pollster Frank Luntz.

Luntz is essentially a liberal, but he’s close friends with some of the top people in the GOP.

Tucker Carlson beat up the Republicans for listening to Luntz and not their own voters.

Here is a partial transcript via Breitbart News:

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Just this week, the NRCC, the National Republican Congressional Committee, invited Luntz to its so-called Policy Summit in Florida, where he was asked to deal with current issues.

Luntz’s job was to explain to Republicans, officials, and those in power how to think about the most important issues of the day. We didn’t hear the presentation but there is no doubt that it was convincing. Frank Luntz is a smooth salesperson. That’s why he’s been around for a while.

The problem with Frank Luntz is that his views, his personal views, are very different from those of the average Republican voter. Frank Luntz is a conventional liberal. Its main customers are left-wing companies like Google.

When giving advice to Republicans in Congress, Frank Luntz has Google’s perspective in mind. That is a big problem. We wanted to talk to Luntz about all of that on the show tonight. Nothing personal, but it’s interesting and important. So we wrote him an invitation this morning, but he didn’t respond. It’s strange because we’ve known him well for a long time.

For example, in 2019 he tweeted us this greeting which tells you a lot about the kind of person Frank Luntz is. Quote: “On this Thanksgiving Day, we’d like to thank the men and women of the FBI, the CIA, and Intel Services. “That’s literally what the message says, it’s on the screen.

Check out the video below:

Tucker Carlson breaks the GOP for her separation from the electorate and for listening to Republican strategist Frank Luntz “Year after year, the leadership of the Republican party does not represent its voters. pic.twitter.com/vYNP3r4fv3

– Terri Green (@TerriGreenUSA) May 1, 2021

Republicans better listen.

2022 is around the corner and Republican voters expect the party to be ready to retake the house.

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