Starfield – Everything we know about Bethesda’s space RPG


Starfield is Bethesda’s first original role-playing game in 25 years and is set in space. Almost three years after the announcement, that’s still almost all we know about the mysterious project the studio has been talking about internally for a decade. From the comments that Bethesda made and the teaser trailer that Bethesda released at E3 in 2018, some small details can be deduced. That being said, we have little more than scattered comments from Todd Howard and some legitimate leaked pictures.

We have gathered all the scant information about Starfield below. Here’s everything we know about Bethesda’s next RPG.

What is the Starfield release date?

The release date hasn’t been announced yet, and while we’re not expecting it anytime soon, it has to get closer.

When Bethesda launched Fallout 76 in 2018, Todd Howard Gamespot hinted that Starfield may not ship on the then-current generation of consoles. We have officially entered the next generation, which is now in the next generation. So that’s at least one caveat.

Prior to E3 2019, Todd Howard warned during an interview with IGN that fans must be patient, even though Starfield is Bethesda’s priority (and not Elder Scrolls 6, which we’re also excited to see).

Is there an official Starfield trailer?

Bethesda’s E3 2018 teaser trailer is everything we’ve seen about the game so far. It shows the sun climbing the atmosphere of a desert planet and it shows a space station. The rugged design and solar panels imply a realistic science fiction tone that is more like gravity than the mass effect.

We are actually a camera floating in space in this clip. You can see ice spots on the lens. When the sun catches the camera, we see a word on our own device reflecting off the lens. It shows a logo and a partial word: Constellation?

A few moments later, a cosmic tear opens behind the station and appears to devour it. Maybe a cool space disaster or a really colorful warp effect.

Are these starfield pictures?

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Starfield leak

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Starfield leak

(Photo credit: https://imgur.com/a/GSWTkHn)

A trio of images appeared on the Imgur image hosting website in September 2020, which are sure to be our first real look at Starfield. The images cannot be verified but the UI element in the lower left corner is the same as the aesthetic used on the Starfield official website.

However, the pictured ship and astronaut remind me of the Fallout 4 engine. I think it’s the third person camera angle that makes a perfect Fallout 4 match, or maybe the way the suit sits on the body that reminds me of Fallout’s modular armor setup. If it’s really a fake, it’s a damn good one.

You could design a starfield character

Bethesda recently put a prize package up for auction to raise funds for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. In addition to a brand new Xbox Series X console and 16 games, the winner will be able to “work with the award-winning team at Bethesda Game Studios, including executive producer Todd Howard, to create a character for the highly anticipated upcoming game. Starfield!” Yes , You could win a design date with Todd Howard.

Will Microsoft change Starfield by buying Bethesda?

As far as we know, Microsoft plans to leave ZeniMax alone, including Bethesda. The buyout probably won’t bring Starfield any sooner, but hopefully a little extra cash and support from Microsoft won’t hurt. Until we hear something else, we can still assume that Starfield will be the next big RPG to be developed by Bethesda, followed by The Elder Scrolls VI.

Todd Howard says Starfield gets “really good hype” for how early it is

Todd Howard spoke to Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb on his official Xbox Live podcast about Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft, and gave a quick update on Starfield and the hype that came with it.

“I think it’s going to be really good hype for a game that no one has seen,” said Howard. It’s a surprisingly blunt comment that reflects the fans’ high hopes and expectations for a game we know very little about. Howard went on to describe Starfield as a “Major Engine Rewrite” compared to Bethesda’s previous games.

Starfield has been in development for years

There’s no release date yet, but Todd Howard says the project is out of pre-production and is currently in a playable state internally. The teaser shown at E3 2018 was mainly designed to give us a feel for the atmosphere of the game. In an interview with The Guardian, Howard says, “We’ve been talking about it for a decade, we started getting things down on paper five or six years ago, and active development has been from the time we finished Fallout 4, so two and a half. ” 3 years. “

Starfield has Bethesda’s “DNA”, but there will be “many new systems”.

Everything we know about Starfield so far comes from interviews with Todd Howard. At Eurogamer, for example, Howard was pushed to see whether Starfield would be a Bethesda Games Studios game, like Elder Scrolls and Fallout are. “I don’t want to say yes or no to this because I don’t know what that means to you or who is going to read this … It’s different, but if you sit down and play it you would recognize it as something we made If that makes sense? It contains our DNA. It contains things we like. “

Howard added, “But there are a lot of new systems that we’ve been thinking about for a while that go really well with this type of game.” Well, hey, Bethesda has never shot an RPG in space before so some differences had to be on the agenda.

Space in Starfield is as dangerous as “flying in your 40s”

During an E3 2019 chat between Todd Howard and Elon Musk, Howard revealed that space travel in Starfield is unlikely to be a utopian Star Trek-esque affair. “When we travel in space in our game, I want to say that it’s like flying in your 40s, like it’s dangerous,” said Howard. “It’s still dangerous to explore when a lot of people are doing it.”

Starfield shouldn’t be mistaken for a rocket science sim, however. “We have to play it a little,” said Howard, “so it isn’t as punitive as actual space travel.”


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Todd Howard traveled to SpaceX to give “authenticity” to Starfield

In the same E3 chat between Howard and Musk mentioned above, Howard said he was touring Musk’s SpaceX company for Starfield research and inspiration. It’s not clear how this inspiration will manifest itself, but Howard mentioned that helium 3 – a speculative fuel for nuclear fusion – could be the isotope that fuels Starfield’s ships, or at least something to be debated.

Based on this information and the original teaser trailer, it is reasonable to assume that Starfield’s aesthetic is closer to realism than the sleek, distant future craft we often see in science fiction media.



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