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Hi I’m Lorne Lanning, Co-Founder of Oddworld Inhabitants, and today I’m looking forward to sharing great news about Oddworld: Soulstorm and releasing new footage in today’s State of Play.

When I start the creative process, sometimes I dream of the day that I can share my creation with you. This dream has almost become a reality, because Oddworld: Soulstorm will start on April 6thth on PS4 and PS5. All of us at Oddworld are excited to share the second chapter of Abe’s quintology with you.

I’ve said this before, but worth repeating, your support has helped us more than I can put into words. Not only has your support helped us, but the support we received from PlayStation, Epic Games, Unity, and Microids has been critically important.

Thanks to you all!

The other big news I want to share with you is that Oddworld: Soulstorm is one of your PlayStation Plus games for April 2021. PlayStation Plus members can download the PS5 version of the game at no additional cost during this time. *

In Oddworld: Soulstorm you play the role of Abe the Mudokon, a random hero who became the leader of a growing revolution. We first met Abe in the first game of the quintology, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. Abe is floor wax at Mullock the Glukkon’s RuptureFarms meat packaging facility. He accidentally learns of Molluck’s plan to turn mudokons into tasty treats. He wants to save himself, but he made him try to save everyone. His selfless act is the spark that sets the revolution on fire.

Soulstorm is the second game in the quintology. In it you explore a huge film scale and strange and wonderful 2.9D environments with breathtaking graphics. With 2.9D you can venture into the world. It creates more scope and action. Adds depth and immersion.

The feeling of immersion is even greater thanks to the groundbreaking haptic feedback. You can feel Abe’s heartbeat during exciting action sequences made possible by PlayStation’s revolutionary DualSense wireless controller.

Try to save more than 1,000 mudokons. There is power in many. They will help you solve puzzling puzzles. And you can use their collective energy.

As you traverse the 2.9D environments, you will find the resources you need by stealing enemies, looting lockers, and searching trash cans. Exchange them at vending machines for products to use or even give to your followers for the first time in Oddworld history. This gives you more freedom of choice in tackling the game’s many challenges.

And there will be times when you need an armed army of Mudokons behind you. The oppressive Glukkon have other plans and will use whatever means they can, from propaganda to brute force.

Abe’s most iconic ability, his mystical possession, allows you to take control of your enemies and use their strength and weapons against them. Possession can be used to activate locks and switches to gain access to restricted or hidden areas in the game.

The Oddworld universe is diverse. Some areas require hard core action; others require stealth and planning. From dark and dangerous caves to heavily fortified industrial sites or ancient landscapes and ruins, there are many ways to decide whether to use force or be more passive. It’s your decision.

Soul storm won’t be easy. You and Abe are hunted by a powerful army backed by a seedy and wealthy company. If that wasn’t bad enough, you will face even more dangers in the form of natural obstacles, ancient traps, and industrial hazards that you should avoid, cross, and if possible avoid.

Abe’s journey is a journey of hope and freedom. The game has a rich and engaging narrative that is very dark, with a twisted sense of humor that sheds light on the ironies that exist in the human condition.

Your actions in the game will determine the fate of Abe and everything you manage to free along the way.

Save her Abe! Save them all!

* PlayStation Plus is an ongoing subscription with recurring charges until canceled. Age restrictions apply. See Here for full terms and conditions. The monthly PlayStation Plus games can only be played for the duration of your subscription.



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