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Last week we asked to return to the real world of Control: Ultimate Edition and share moments as we battled The Hiss with #PSshare #PSBlog. From daring portraits of director Jesse Faden to eerie shots of The Oldest House, here were this week’s highlights:

Jesse’s weapon shifts in this stake for the ultimate effect BarryPaust.

Jesse is watching the heavenly quarry in this part of William73318992.

HStrangelove shared the ominous pink flamingo, full of unknown energy.

Jesse aims through a glowing hall in this stake jmsan5.

Sefwick shares a floating employee of the Federal Bureau of Control.

Jesse wanders through the maintenance hangars in this part ameeba37.

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THEME: Control: Ultimate Edition – The oldest house

SUBMISSION FROM: Wednesday 9 a.m. PT on February 24th

Next week we stay in the realistic world of control, highlighting the distorted offices and halls of the oldest house. Share your best shots of this ever-changing environment with #PSshare #PSBlog for the chance to be featured.

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