See Princess Charlotte’s Adorable Sixth Birthday Portrait

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NORFOLK, ENGLAND: (EDITOR'S NOTE: NEWS ONLY You are strictly obligated on the condition that you do not charge for delivery, release or publication and that these terms and restrictions apply to (and distribute) any organization to which you are exposed They deliver. There is no advertisement Use the photos (even as an example) for merchandising, promotional or other editorial purposes other than news. The photos may not be digitally enhanced, manipulated or modified in any way or form All other usage requests should be made in writing to the Kensington Palace Press Office. MANDATORY CREDIT: The Duchess of Cambridge.) NORFOLK, ENGLAND: In this undated flyer photo issued May 1, 2021 by Kensington P, Princess Charlotte poses in a photograph who have favourited Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in Norfolk this weekend before her s  birthday on Sunday May 2nd in Norfolk, UK.  (Photo by Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images) NOTE TO EDITORS: This flyer photo is for editorial reporting purposes only, to simultaneously illustrate the events, things, or people in the picture, or the facts identified in the caption.  Reuse of the image may require further permission from the copyright holder.