Second Extinction Coming to Xbox Game Preview Spring 2021


Hello everyone! A lot has happened since our main producer Brynley last spoke to you in May 2020 when we just unveiled our Dino Guts shooter. Second extinction, during the Xbox Series X First Look event. An event where all of us at Systemic Reaction huddled around our home offices and watched live with excitement.

After working in secret for so long, being able to introduce your work to the world is always a highlight. A moment became even more meaningful when it was shared with all of the other great looking titles that premiered on Xbox Series X. It just feels right to finally say how excited we are to have Second Extinction coming to the Xbox Game Preview program this spring!

It was pretty early in the game’s development that we could confirm something that we all suspected; Shooting dinosaurs and watching them pop was fun. Creating moment-to-moment gameplay is one of the most important things to get a game right. It’s the core action we keep asking the players to do, and nailing that so early was a huge win for the game and gave us a tremendous boost in confidence that we were getting into something special.

It is equally important to keep the game alive and fresh over a longer period of time. From our progression systems to the types of additional content we’d like to add, elements of the longer-form game are based on our best guesses as to which players will react and how they will react. The War Effort, our dynamic content and difficulty system, is entirely driven by the entire player base, which would (hopefully) be larger than that of our tiny team here in Malmo. All of this presented us with an opportunity; To get players involved and be part of the process of helping shape where we are going to make the second extinction next.

Second extinction

When Systemic Reaction was founded as a separate division of Avalanche Studios, games were meant to be created for and with the community in mind. It’s right there in the “reaction” part of the name. We listen to what the players are reacting to and we react. As a studio, we value collaboration and openness on our team, and the release of Early Access on PC in October seemed like a natural extension of that. We just grew this team to include our players.

Second extinction

As a creator, this immediacy of feedback on your game is an incredibly powerful process that is made all the more rewarding by the warmth and passion our community has shown. Since the start of Early Access we have been able to add new features and tweak old ones, with greater certainty that we will develop something better with every update.

I can’t wait to see Xbox players join the team this spring. If you can’t wait that long to take part in the dinosaur slaying action, join us on our Discord channel.



Robert Dunfee