Scribblenauts studio 5th Cell launches a new multiplayer strategy game on Steam


A new game from Scribblenaut’s studio 5th Cell premiered on Steam Early Access today. Called Castlehold, it is a free “competitive strategy game” set in a world created by a rift in space and time where Vikings, cowboys, ninjas, cyber soldiers, and more battle for control of a mysterious realm known as Drift .

The battles at Castlehold take place on small hexadecimal maps that represent islands floating in a large sea – hence the name of the place. Armies are made up of decks of cards, which are then alternately used and moved. Conquering villages gives you gold, which enables more expensive and more powerful units to be put into action. The ultimate goal is to conquer your opponent’s castle and thereby lay claim to the entire island.

Castlehold players start with 70 soldier cards out of a total of 300 unlocked, and there are no restrictions on how they can be compared in combat. Five unique commanders give your armed forces additional special abilities: Regent Niles, for example, gives all allied units in villages +1 power once you’ve earned at least three gold medals, while Commander Stone can debuff units guarding the guards in an enemy castle.

The game’s main focus is multiplayer – Castlehold supports Ranked, Casual, and Friend Play modes – but there is also a tutorial and AI opponents available to get things rolling.

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According to 5th Cell, Castlehold is “easy to learn but hard to master,” which is a pretty common descriptor for these things, but I’ve played around a bit with a pre-release build and it definitely seems to fit. The tutorials are straightforward and easy to follow, and the mechanics are pretty straightforward, but the easy ride I was expecting against the AI ​​didn’t work out at all and I kicked my ass very quickly. It may be “easy”, but you still have to be careful.

Castlehold doesn’t have a set release date yet, but 5th Cell expects it to stay in Early Access for 6-12 months and also confirmed that it will stay free even after it’s fully released. You can learn more about the game on playcasthold.com and stay up to date on all happenings on Discord.



Robert Dunfee