Players were farming so many legendaries in the Outriders demo it had to be changed


The upcoming looter oooter, Outriders, appears to have found a way over the past year to circumvent the curse affecting looted-powered games by offering a free demo with the promise that progress will carry over to the entire game. Apparently over two million players have adopted developers. People Can Fly has accepted the offer so far, but too many of these players also took the opportunity to farm hordes of legendary items so they are ready for the entire game.

Players had found that by selecting the “Confront the Changed at the Tower” story point in the World Fifth Level lobby, they could move past three chests with a high chance of picking up Legends without having to fight anyone. Then they ducked back into the lobby and repeated the process. People Can Fly responded to this situation in the loot cave with an optimization that made it impossible to find legends by opening chests even though they were still falling from enemies.

Update on Chests Dropping Legendaries in the Outriders Demo: After listening to very reasonable community feedback, we made it possible for the Gauss Boss Chest to drop Legendaries again as we are indeed Boss Runs should reward. Other chests still cannot drop Legendaries. March 6, 2021

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Players weren’t happy about this as it meant that after going through the effort to defeat the Gaussian boss, they would open his chest and receive ordinary rewards. People Can Fly has since tweaked the optimization, and now the Gaussian Boss Chest has the option to contain legends – although no others will.

Here is our guide to Outrider’s class options.

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Robert Dunfee