Nvidia RTX 3080s are being sold on eBay for an average of $1,300, 85% over MSRP


According to data engineer Michael Driscoll’s latest analysis of the GPU market, eBay and StockX resellers may have sold more than 50,000 RTX 30-series GPUs. That’s $ 61.5 million in sales, which equates to roughly $ 15.2 million in profit for those looking to make quick money in the not-so-savory resale market.

The Chicago-based data engineer has been tracking GPU sales for some time using his own data scraping code, initially recording the prices for which GPUs were sold on eBay against their MSRP, as our Alan said at the time, “Lots of depressing graphics “Exactly right, I think Alan.

The latest in-depth report from Driscoll tends to be the same, which is bad news for potential graphics card buyers. A significant increase in the price of RTX 30-series graphics cards is being noted that is currently showing no signs of slowing – from 140 percent to over 220 percent of MSRP.

The average price for the RTX 3060 Ti is now $ 667 on eBay, just a touch below the RTX 3080’s MSRP and well above the card’s MSRP of $ 399.

The average price of the RTX 3070 is $ 809 while the RTX 3080 is $ 1,300. The RTX 3090 is less affected by price increases, possibly due to its already steep MSRP of $ 1,499. But even now, it sells for over $ 2,000, which is over a 33 percent markup.

StockX prices are a little lower on average, but are still well above MSRP and high enough for the reseller market to make a decent profit.

A graph that shows the average retail price of RTX 30 series graphics cards against the RRP

(Photo credit: Michael Driscoll)

The most popular cards are those in the Founders Edition tier, while EVGA, Asus, and MSI cards follow closely behind.

Price increases are therefore also reported for older GPU generations such as the 16 and 20 series. We usually expect some price increases for these cards as inventory drops and gradually depletes to make way for new inventory. However, a significant price hike can be caused by the general lack of graphics silicon.

It’s great data that tells an unfortunate story, and it is thanks to Driscoll that he gathered and compiled the information.

Our recommendation remains to be patient and try official channels before considering a reseller. There is a slow supply of RTX 30 series stocks gradually feeding the market and it certainly isn’t impossible to find a card from a reputable retailer.

It seems like you just need to be in the right place at the right time.

At the end of the tunnel, there is light, if only a tiny spot on the horizon: Nvidia is aiming for a semblance of normalcy in May, while AMD has a rough estimate of the second half of 2021 before it can meet demand.



Robert Dunfee