New Games with Gold for March 2021


The March Games with Gold Lineup is here! Be on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S to the ultimate mercenary in Warface: breakout, and take the Llamanati in Malicious attack llama apocalypse. And for our classic line-up on backward compatibility, control your favorite metal slug to take on the enemy threat Metal screw 3, and rule the seas from Port-au-Prince to Tortuga in Port Royale 3.

Xbox Live Gold members have exclusive access to these games for a limited time as part of Games with Gold. This also applies to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members, who receive all of the fantastic benefits of Gold and access to over 100 high quality games with Xbox Game Pass.

Warface: Breakout
Close gun play and strategic team collaboration define this tactical online first person shooter. Make split-second decisions, use a massive arsenal of weapons, and master the high stakes PvP experience to become the ultimate mercenary of tomorrow. Elite Forces Come To Warface: March 1st Breakout! A new cosmetic package adds a new exclusive knife, elite weapon skins, new epic helmets and much more to the game. Take part in the new event from March 8-22 in Team Deathmatch game mode. Improve your progress in the event and get new special rewards!

Malicious attack llama apocalypse
Prepare your thumbs for a frantic top-down, couch-co-op, and twin-stick shooter like no other. Remotely control an endless supply of mechs to overcome the massive apocalypse of the Llama horde. With 1 to 4 players, a huge, changing city, and Xbox Play Anywhere features including on your PC, you can turn off the Llamanati and pray that Llamazon will bless you!

Metal screw 3
Marco and Tarma of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force are back to defeat the rebels of General Morden. Run, shoot, cut, and camel your way through an onslaught of enemies, from soldiers to giant enemy crabs. Control a variety of Metal Slug vehicles, shoot a variety of weapons and cause mass destruction in this legendary run-and-gun shooter.

Port Royale 3
It’s the turbulent 17th century and you are a young captain whose only goal is to be the most powerful man in the New World. To achieve your goal, either choose to be a trader – develop trading routes to earn fortune, fame and power; or become an adventurer – plunder, invade and lead your ships in beautiful 3D sea battles. Set sail on 16 different ships, from versatile frigates to mighty galleons, and build your empire in the Caribbean.

Read more about our Games with Gold program here, and stay tuned for the latest Xbox Wire news for the latest on Xbox. As mentioned earlier, as an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you get all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, over 100 high quality games to play on console, PC, and Android devices with cloud games (beta where available) and access to EA Play at no additional cost. New games are being added all the time, so you’ll never be left without something new when looking for your next favorite game. If you’re new or already a member of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for Console, sign up or upgrade today for just $ 1.


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Robert Dunfee