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Today we’re proud to bring you an exclusive look at Movers in Paradise, our brand new DLC for Moving Out that features 14 new story levels, 10 new arcade levels and four exclusive new characters. Also washing ashore are a number of new features including: zip lines, grapevines, and everyone’s favorite, the angry goat! Movers in Paradise will be available on PlayStation 4 (and playable on PS5) starting Thursday, February 25th.

Read on to learn more about some of the design secrets that helped create this new paradise – and the challenges it presents.

Welcome to Packmore Island

In this busy world of hustle and bustle, there has never been a better time to… slow… the… slap… We ask you to wave on the sidewalk and say goodbye to the tarmac to sail to paradise as we open you Welcome Packmore Island!

You’ve probably never heard of this tiny, secluded rock – and why should you? It has been hidden from time immemorial beyond the mist of the great beyond. Not quite. But you can dream … In fact it is straight how Packmore Island came about. From concept to creation – this is how Packmore Island came to life.

An exotic island playground

In this tropical setting, with soothing sounds and picturesque coastal tranquility, explore sights that movers and the beast have never seen before. From cliffs that stretch beyond the depths of your imagination to chasms that defy your sense of space and time, our beaches will ask you to sit still and be still, and our caves will beckon you with hidden joys.

When it comes to creating games, there is a delicate balance between gameplay and art. We have to make sure the art supports the gameplay rather than getting in the way of the fun! For example, here is a level where our movers are working in a beautiful place filled with waterfalls.

If you look at the concept art above, we had some really cool looking waterfalls flowing from the top of the level. When it came down to it, these elements blocked much of the play area and made it difficult for players to see. So many of our testers fell from the edge into the water-filled cave below and it was no fun at all! Although they looked cool, they actually affected the level experience.

At the end of the day, all of the elements of the game must work together to create the best experience for the player. We always want to keep the FUN so sometimes cool looking things don’t make the cut. The silver lining here is that art and design work even closer together to come up with super creative solutions!

Packmore Island also gave us a great opportunity to adapt the crazy physics of Moving Out to water based challenges.

There were lots of fun tests with rafts that didn’t behave perfectly. Some were too floating; some not floating enough. Some took off into space and some did not float at all. But in the end we got it right! The perfect balance for creating your own safe platforms and paths to keep this furniture (and your tiny mover feet) dry.

Curious creatures ready to strain your movement skills

In this tropical paradise you will not only be enchanted by the flora, but also the fauna! In its isolation, Packmore Island’s wildlife has become a unique and interesting feature. We’re talking sneaky crabs with a penchant for theft and capricious scallywag goats whose skulls are thick enough to break through stone walls (and who accuse inattentive movers of not respecting their place). Lemurs may try to be friendly, share their fruit, and expect you to play fetch, but their treasure is spiked and heavy enough to knock you over. (Feel free to give them a taste of their own medicine and return these prickly fruits with them!)

We had a lot of fun inventing game ideas based on our challenging but charismatic wildlife. Take the Packmore Island puffer: originally you had to move really slowly, in a shh – don’t wake the baby in any way – you don’t want to scare him! Then we had a revelation (which is obvious in retrospect …) that moving slowly is not on all What is the move-out about? We panned, and now you have to toss the buffer before it gets too big and goading you! Hopefully your moving buddy will be there to catch it before it hits the ground and Pops!

We had a similar breakthrough in goats. In the beginning they were really just a hassle, they attacked movers and blew them away, but we wanted to find a way to use their energy forever. That was when we thought we were giving her cargo the ability to break walls. It actually spawned a whole level! Thanks to this simple optimization, players can lure a goat to recharge. In connection with a well-timed side step on nimble mover feet, players can break new ground to otherwise inaccessible areas. Go out, you fearless explorer!

Geysers, scubas and more

Now, trying the local fruits isn’t the only way to reach great heights – you can fly sky high on the state-of-the-art Geyser transportation systemTM or go for free-range scuba tanks. Originally introduced to control the local fire extinguisher problem, they have become an animal of their own that is widespread in our country. Not that there are many people to notice, mind you.

With that in mind, if you happen to discover shipwrecks, plane crashes or ancient ruins, please feel free to not tell anyone and please do not report us to the island’s Minister of Health and Safety. The lot gives us enough time.

Hope you enjoyed this new DLC! Please enjoy your stay on Packmore Island, an empire that is unparalleled in this world of movers and shakers.



Robert Dunfee