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How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally And Humanely. 7 Ways


How to get rid of mice naturally and humanely. 7 Ways Pro Life Tips https://linktr.ee/prolifetips

If you have a mouse infestation in your home, it is possible to get rid of the animals without killing them. Here are a few humane but effective tips: Remove all food sources. Mice require only small amounts of food each day. To get rid of them in your home, get rid of the things they like to eat. Store all grains, pet food, and other dry goods in glass or metal containers that keep the food safe as mice cannot chew through them. To avoid attracting mice to your property, seal all potential food sources in tamper evident containers, do not leave pet food outside for long periods of time, and clean up spills and messes promptly. Get rid of nesting materials. Make sure mice don’t find soft nesting materials by storing all fabrics, rugs, and blankets in sturdy plastic containers. Remember that mice will also chew up cardboard, paper or lightweight plastic to build nests, so it’s wise to get rid of your household’s recycling quickly. Also, pay attention to the exterior of your home. Remove leaves and branches within three feet of your home’s foundation and keep both the inside and outside of your home clean and litter-free. Seal entry points. When the temperature drops, mice will try to get inside. Block their entry by caulking small holes in your foundation, side walls, and doors with caulk or weatherstrip. Put steel wool in the vents to prevent intrusion without restricting airflow. Use Natural Mice Repellent Mice have a strong sense of smell and you can use this to your advantage to get rid of them. Try These Natural Mouse Repellent Options: Essential Oils. Mice hate the aroma of peppermint oil, cayenne, pepper and cloves. Buy one of these essential oils at your local health food store, soak a few cotton balls in it, and place them anywhere you’ve had trouble with mice — like under appliances or in the backs of cabinets. Toothpaste, bleach, and vinegar also work. cider and water. Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Put it in a spray bottle and spray around your home and on all indoor access points. Reapply any natural deterrent you use at least once a month. fabric softener sheets. Plug these leaves into entry points to stop mouse traffic instantly. get a cat Cats are among the most effective mouse repellents out there. If you can adopt a cat to keep your mouse population down, do it. If you live in a place where cats aren’t allowed, find a friend who has one and place buckets of used cat litter by the entryways of your home. Mice can leave the premises if they smell cat urine. Alternatively, you can go to the store and buy pure ammonia. Ammonia smells like a predator’s urine and will deter mice. Leave cotton balls soaked in ammonia in places where mice like to visit. Try living traps. Live traps can get rid of mice without poison and without harming pets. These traps catch mice in a large box that allows them to get in but not out. If you catch a mouse, make sure you release it at least a mile from your home. Otherwise it might come back. use clay. Ultrasonic devices can effectively keep mice away. Besides, these deterrent devices are safe for children, pets and other animals. Find them at your local hardware store and place them anywhere you’ve noticed mouse activity around your home. Thanks for watching and please subscribe. Please check the links in the description. .

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