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Home Remedies For Kidney Stones To Help Relieve The Pain


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Kidney stones are one of the most painful experiences to go through, and once you’ve felt that pain, you’ll probably start looking into kidney stone home remedies so that you’re ready should it attack again. But first, what are kidney stones and who is most likely to get them? Well, kidney stones are deposits that remain in the kidney and then grow to a size where they cause pain. They can block the tubes that carry urine out of the body, making urination extremely difficult and painful. Men in their 20s to 40s are generally more prone to kidney stones, as are those suffering from gout. Symptoms can range from nausea, fatigue and fever. One of the classic home remedies for kidney stones is drinking plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day if possible. This will help flush your system and increase the amount of urine you pass. What this does is remove the toxins and debris that can build up and cause the stones in the first place. These toxins and deposits are formed by a mixture of substances, but the basis is uric acid. Also, what you can add to the water you drink is any herb that is a natural diuretic, and nettles easily fall into that category. Simply harvest the nettle leaves where no insecticides or other toxins have been sprayed, wash them thoroughly, and then steep in some hot water for a warm drink. As you increase your water intake, reduce any foods that increase calcium deposits in your body. That means dairy products like cheese and vegetables, which are high in calcium. For example kale, spinach and cucumbers, but remember some calcium is still needed in the diet as too little can be just as bad as too much. As a home remedy for kidney stones, you should avoid eating foods rich in purines. Once eaten, purine-rich foods are broken down as uric acid. Uric acid then builds up and in people prone to kidney stones, this leads to a painful attack of kidney stones. Foods high in purines are typically red meat, offal and offal, seafood, foods containing yeast, and of course, beer and wine. Of course, regular exercise should go hand in hand with all of the listed home remedies for kidney stones. Exercise not only promotes healthy bones, thereby increasing the body’s absorption of calcium, but also promotes a natural high and general sense of well-being. #home remedies #kidney stones.

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