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Home Remedies For Herpes – An All Natural Genital Herpes Treatment Home Remedies The Experts Don’t Tell About: https://bit.ly/3pER5aa

There are some herpes remedies that can be used to minimize this painful and often embarrassing condition. However, understanding what herpes is and how it works is also part of what makes the herpes remedies themselves particularly useful and worthwhile. Herpes comes in two forms: Type 1, which often causes sores around the mouth and lips, and occasionally the genitals. Type 2, which causes sores around the genitals. Basically, herpes is a virus that is transmitted through intimate contact, but also through simple non-sexual contact. Symptoms are usually flu-like and very painful open sores. Once infected, someone will have the virus for a lifetime, even if the episodes often subside and go away, the virus is still present in the body and can still be passed from person to person with no sign of attack. Hence, it is important that precautions are always taken. Using baking soda as a herpes remedy is especially useful for reducing the pain and discomfort of open sores and blisters. The first few episodes of herpes can be very painful and malicious, and using baking soda to dab on the painful open sores will help the sores heal quickly. Another particularly good everyday food for herpes remedies is a tea bag – especially an Earl Gray tea bag. A wet and cold Earl Gray tea bag that is applied to the wounds will help dry them out and heal the wounds. This is because the pouch contains tannins, which are the active ingredient in quickly healing and drying the skin cells. Salt can also be used to heal the wounds and promote faster healing. Pour the salt into a warm bath and bathe the affected area with the saline solution. Pat the area dry with a clean towel and then, if possible, not covering the wounds with anything, including undergarments, and exposing them to air to aid faster healing. What can also help relieve the pain of a herpes attack is applying ice to the sore and painful area. The ice should not be applied directly to the skin, but rather put the ice in a plastic bag or wrap the ice in a towel and apply it to the skin. With herpes remedies, make sure you practice good personal hygiene if you have a herpes attack. Avoid sharing towels and other personal items as this way the virus can be easily passed on. Also, keep yourself well hydrated, especially drinking mint tea, which can help relieve the pain and fever that can accompany a seizure. #Home #herpes #cures #natural #treatment.

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