Free N95 Masks. How To Get One.

Free N95 Masks. Here’s How To Get One.
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The White House announced Wednesday that the Biden administration will distribute 400 million N95 masks for free to Americans beginning next week. This is the largest government-wide distribution effort of its kind, and it will be in place starting next week. Federal officials urge Americans to use N95 masks instead of cloth face covers, as the omicron variant has sent COVID-19 infection to new heights in the U.S. Properly fitted N95 and KN95 masks are more effective in stopping the spread of the virus than cloth masks. According to the White House, the N95 masks will be taken from the Federal Government’s Strategic National Stockpile which has more than 750 millions of them. Officials stated that Americans will be able to get the masks free of charge at their local pharmacies or community health centers. According to the White House the shipments of the masks are expected to begin in the second week of next week. Officials stated that each person will receive three masks. The White House launched Tuesday a website that allows Americans to order N95 masks for free and have them delivered directly to their homes. N95 masks are available to everyone. No priority will be given to those who are most vulnerable to Covid, income, or any other criteria. According to a White House official, individuals will only be allowed to use three masks each to ensure that the program is accessible to everyone. Inglesby stated that the administration is “confident that those who wish to access them” will be able access them. The White House website for free mask program went live Tuesday. According to the website, “Every American home can order 3 free masks at-home.” These N95 masks are free. Most orders will ship within 7-12 days. Inglesby stated that the new method of providing masks and testing is part a longer-term strategy for bolstering supplies well beyond the Omicron variant. Public health officials have acknowledged that the virus may need prevention, mitigation, and treatment. The link to the website is in the description. Thanks For Watching and Please Subscribe.

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