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Hello again! The past 12 months have not been easy. And I think we all hope that at the end of this long COVID-19 tunnel, thanks to the tireless work of the medical community and people around the world, we can see flashes of light.

In those historic times, the PlayStation team wanted to thank the community by giving something back. Today we all could use something to look forward to and another reason to stay safely socially aloof. That’s why we’re excited to offer a free selection of great games and some entertainment.

Last April we did the Play At Home Initiativeand offers two incredible PlayStation games for free: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Journey *. I like to think that they helped make the year a little easier.

This year we wanted to go further. So we’ve created a range of free games and entertainment for our PlayStation community to make the next few months a little more fun and entertaining.

This year’s Play at Home initiative starts in March and lasts until June.

From March 1st, 2021

  • PlayStation and Insomniac Games will do Ratchet & Clank PS4 is free to download from PlayStation Store for a limited time from March 1 at 8 p.m. PST / March 2 at 4 a.m. GMT / 5 a.m. CET to March 31, 2021 at 8 p.m. PDT * / April 1 at 4 a.m. BST / 5 a.m. CEST.
  • Once you’ve redeemed the game, you can keep it. This 2016 PS4 action-adventure hit from Insomniac Games takes the origin stories of these popular PlayStation heroes and features a great mix of incredible battles and comedies.

From March 25, 2021

  • Our friends at Funimation (a joint venture of Sony Pictures Entertainment and Aniplex of Japan) have a very special offer: extended access for new subscribers to Funimation or Wakanim in the countries they are available **. Funimation is an anime subscription service and Wakanim is the European division of Funimation. More details will follow. However, this offer is only available to our community who signs up for the Funimation (in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) or Wakanim (in most cases) apps and downloads them from Western and Northern Europe) March 25th for a limited time.

What we’ve outlined today is just the beginning of what Play At Home has to offer. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more details on free games and entertainment for our PlayStation community.

I think we have a great mix of games and entertainment on the set and I hope this news has brightened your day a little bit. We feel privileged to offer you this entertainment and we are very grateful to be a part of your life.

Thank you for playing.

* Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection was made available to PlayStation users in regions other than Germany and China. Users in Germany and China got free access to Knack 2.

** FUNIMATION – In addition to the standard 14-day trial, new users can get an additional 90 days. WAKANIM – New users get 90 days free. Unless you cancel your subscription before the period expires, your subscription will automatically be converted to a paid, ongoing subscription with a recurring monthly fee. Age restrictions apply. Further information follows.



Robert Dunfee